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April 1, 2022
Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Somalia MARCH 30, 2022 ON April 12, 2010, by Executive Order 13536, the President declared a national emergency pursuant to the International Emergency Economi [...]
January 14, 2022
Caution Urged Despite Lowest Reported Maritime Piracy Incidents Since 1994 - IMB MARITIME piracy and armed robbery attacks reached the lowest recorded level since 1994, the annual piracy report of the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB), published tod [...]
December 27, 2021
Wounded suspected pirate transferred to hospital in Ghana A SUSPECTED pirate wounded during an exchange of gunfire last month with the Danish navy off West Africa has been transferred to a hospital in Ghana, authorities said. Four other suspected pirates [...]
December 6, 2021
UN Security Council Adopts 3-Month Renewal of Counter Piracy Resolution THE UN Security Council on Friday, 3 December, unanimously renewed an additional three months of its authorisation for States and regional organizations cooperating with Somalia to us [...]
October 18, 2021
EU NAVFOR Somalia Conducts Joint Naval Exercises EUNAVFOR conducted joint naval exercises with Japanese frigate JPS Yugiri and the Maritime Security Centre of the Sultanate of Oman in the Indian Ocean, increasing capability and reach alongside partners.  [...]
September 23, 2021
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Robbery At Sea in Asia August 2021 Report SEVEN incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia during August 2021, reports ReCAAP ISC. No piracy incident was reported. All seven incidents were categorised as actual in [...]
September 23, 2021
UPDATE: Increased Piracy Threat Expected in Nigeria, Benin, Togo Waters Warns MDAT-GOG - Threat Reduced MDAT-GoG issued a warning of the threat of increase in piracy in Zone E of the Gulf of Guinea. Nigerian security operations ashore successfully reduced [...]
August 27, 2021
Increasing Container Ship Boardings in Manila Anchorage Raises Concerns CONCERNS have been highlighted by ReCAAP ISC surrounding the increase in armed robbery incidents against ships at Manila Anchorage areas in the Philippines. Particularly worrisome is  [...]
August 19, 2021
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Robbery At Sea in Asia July Report 2021 RECAAP ISC latest report states that in July 2021, five incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia. No piracy incident was reported. All five incidents were actual incidents [...]
August 17, 2021
Shipping Industry Agrees to Reduce Size of Indian Ocean ‘High Risk Area’ for Piracy WITH a continued downward trend in Somali piracy incidents, a group of the leading shipping organizations have agreed to reduce the geographic boundaries of th [...]
August 3, 2021
Federal Republic of Germany Joins the ReCAAP ON 1 AUGUST 2021, Federal Republic of Germany has joined the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP) as the twenty-first Contracting Party. The R [...]
July 6, 2021
Pirates Prosecuted; A First For Togo THE trial of nine pirates, held on Monday  [5 July] in Togo, is the first of its kind. The defendants present at the hearing were sentenced to terms ranging from 12 to 15 years in prison. They are nine, seated  [...]
July 2, 2021
Ecuador Takes Preventive Actions Due to the Presence of Foreign Vessels Near Galapagos THE Government of Ecuador undertook preventive actions to safeguard sovereignty in the jurisdictional maritime spaces of the country. Foreig [...]
June 21, 2021
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Robbery At Sea in Asia 1st Quarter Report 2021 IN MAY 2021, ReCAAP ISC reported four incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia. No piracy incident was reported. Of the four incidents, three were actual incidents  [...]
June 15, 2021
HMCS Calgary Redeploys With CMF Record For Most Interdictions By A Single Ship ROYAL CANADIAN Navy (RCN) ship HMCS Calgary conducted three successful counter-narcotics interdictions June 4-7, raising their total to 17 in eight weeks, and setting a record  [...]
June 14, 2021
Ethiopia, Djibouti Agree to Scale Up Military Cooperation ETHIOPIA and Djibouti have agreed to scale up their military cooperation for peace in the region, an official statement said on Friday. The East African neighbours will boost military cooperation  [...]
April 23, 2021
ReCAAP ISC Highlights Concern Over Continued Occurrence Of Ship Boarding in Singapore Strait ON 17 Apr 21, two incidents occurred to ships while underway off Tanjung Pergam, Bintan Island, Indonesia. The two incidents occurred within an interv [...]
April 21, 2021
Gulf of Guinea Remains World’s Piracy Hotspot in 2021, IMB Reports THE Gulf of Guinea accounted for nearly half (43%) of all reported piracy incidents in the first three months of 2021, according to the latest figures from the ICC International Mari [...]
March 21, 2021
Abducted Fishermen Rescued by Philippines Armed Forces ON 17 January 2020, ReCAAP ISC reported that six gunmen dressed in black suits with masks abducted eight crew from fishing trawler, SSK 00543, at approximately 4.24nm North-west of Pulau Tambisan, Lah [...]
January 25, 2021
Pirates Kill One Crew Member, 15 Kidnapped - Gulf of Guinea UPDATED: TURKISH-owned, Liberia-flagged container ship, Mozart, whilst transiting from Lagos, Nigeria to Cape Town, South Africa, was boarded by armed pirates in the early morning of Saturday, 23 [...]
January 14, 2021
Gulf of Guinea Records Highest Ever Number of Crew Kidnapped in 2020 THE International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau (IMB)’s annual piracy report recorded an increase of piracy and armed robbery incidents in 2020. In 202 [...]
December 18, 2020
West Africa Maritime Security Warning OVER the period of the last five or six weeks, piracy-related maritime incidents in the Gulf of Guinea have seen a concerning rise with approximately 27 instances of vessel crew being kidnapped. The estimated total o [...]
November 23, 2020
Incidents Against Ships in the Singapore Strait SINCE 2019 through 2020, there is a sharp increase in the number of incidents of robbery and theft against ships while underway in the Singapore Strait (SS), compared to the period of 2016-2018. In 2019, 31  [...]
October 15, 2020
Pirates Are Kidnapping More Seafarers Off West Africa, IMB Reports ICC INTERNATIONAL Maritime Bureau (IMB) figures show a rise in piracy and armed robbery on the world’s seas in the first nine months of 2020, with a 40% increase in the number of kid [...]
September 25, 2020
ReCAAP ISC Special Report on Incidents at Anchorages/Ports in the Philippines THERE has been an increase of the number of incidents reported at the  nchorages/ports in the Philippines during Jan-Sep 2020, reports ReCAAP ISC in this Special Repor [...]
September 1, 2020
Last Hostages Held By Somali Pirates Released After Five And A Half Years A BRITISH-led team of hostage negotiators are celebrating after securing the release of three kidnapped sailors in the last and longest running hijacking in the Somali piracy crisis [...]
August 20, 2020
Premature Release of Convicted Pirates in Somalia THE Chair of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) conveys deep concern and alerts the International Community and the UN Security Council over the recent decision of the P [...]
August 11, 2020
Nigerian Navy Secures First Conviction Under the New Anti-Piracy Law THE [Nigerian] Federal High Court (FHC) Port Harcourt, on 23 July 2020, convicted three of nine accused persons who, on 21 March 2020, hijacked an Equatorial Guinea-flagged vessel, MV El [...]
July 30, 2020
ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre Holds Dialogue with Shipping Industry to Strengthen Maritime Situation Awareness and Deepen Cooperation in Fight against Piracy and Sea Robbery in Asia ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre (ISC) today held a virtual dialogue [...]
July 15, 2020
Crew kidnappings Surge In Seas Off West Africa - IMB VIOLENT attacks against ships and their crews have risen in 2020, with 77 seafarers taken hostage or kidnapped for ransom since January, reveals the ICC International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) lates [...]
July 2, 2020
ReCAAP ISC Issues Kidnap Warning in Sulu Sea On 22 May 2020, the ReCAAP ISC, disseminated a Warning (Warning 01-2020) about a group of five Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) members planning to conduct kidnapping activities in undisclosed areas in Sabah, Malaysia (b [...]
May 23, 2020
ReCAAP Issues Warning of Possible Kidnap Attempts in Sulu Sea ON 22 May, the ReCAAP ISC has received information from the Philippine Coast Guard (ReCAAP Focal Point) that a group of approximately five ASG (Abu Sayyaf Group) members armed with assorted fir [...]
April 14, 2020
Piracy And Armed Robbery a Threat To Ships’ Crews, Warns IMB SEAFARERS face continuing threats from pirates and armed robbers on the world’s seas, says the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB [...]
March 11, 2020
CTF151 UNDERTAKES FOCUSED OP IKARUS COMBINED Task Force 151 (CTF151) recently completed Focused Operation IKARUS (FO IKARUS) around the Somali Coast, the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden, raising awareness of their presence in the area and ensurin [...]
January 15, 2020
 ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Robbery At Sea in Asia Annual Report 2019 ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre (ReCAAP ISC) released its Annual Report 2019 (January to December 2019). Eighty-two incidents of piracy and robbery against ships at sea in Asia w [...]
January 14, 2020
Unprecedented Number of Crew Kidnappings in the Gulf of Guinea Despite Drop in Overall Global Numbers DESPITE  overall piracy incidents declining in 2019, there was an alarming increase in crew kidnappings across the Gulf of Guinea, according to the  [...]
December 11, 2019
Kidnapped Crew of MV Bonita Released THE J.J. Ugland Companies released a statement concerning the released and return to safety of nine crewmembers kidnapped by pirates from bulk carrier, Bonita, on November 2, 2019, Southwest of Cotonou, Benin [...]
December 10, 2019
ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre Conducts Anti-Piracy Capacity Building Programme ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre Conducts Anti-Piracy Capacity Building Programme for Senior Officers of Maritime Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies in Cooperation w [...]
November 4, 2019
Pirates Kidnap Nine From Norwegian Ship Off Benin PIRATES have kidnapped nine crew members from a Norwegian shipping vessel off the coast of Benin in West Africa. The vessel, a bulk carrier, was carrying gypsum, a mineral used as a fertiliser, and was at [...]
October 23, 2019
EUNAVFOR Provides Aid to Stricken Somali Naval Vessel ON the morning of 20 October 2019, EU NAVFOR Somalia Operation ATALANTA received a request to assist a vessel belonging to the Somali Navy in distress some 60 km north of Cadale. The vessel had reporte [...]
October 18, 2019
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Sea Robbery 3rd Quarter 2019 Report THE situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia continued to improve during January-September 2019. Both the total number of incidents and the number of actual incidents reported du [...]
October 15, 2019
Maritime Piracy Incidents Falls in Q3; Gulf of Guinea Remains a Hot Spot THE International Chamber of Commerce International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) report for the third quarter of 2019 demonstrates fewer incidents of piracy and armed robbery agains [...]
September 16, 2019
CTF-151 Outline Of Focused Operation ‘KING CRAB’ A CTF 151 led Counter Piracy Focused Operation ‘KING CRAB’, will be conducted from 23 - 26 Sept 2019. The purpose of this notice is to inform military forces (EUNAVFOR, Independent D [...]
August 13, 2019
CGPCS Communication of the Chair on the Premature Release of Convicted Pirates (Port Louis, Mauritius) - THE International Community and States in the region have put in much efforts to ensure that acts of piracy are not left unpunished following the UN R [...]
August 11, 2019
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Sea Robbery July 2019  Report ReCAAP ISC reports A total of six incidents of piracy1 and armed robbery against ships2 were reported in Asia in July 2019. Of the six incidents, one was an incident of piracy and five were incident [...]
July 9, 2019
Seas Off West Africa World’s Worst For Pirate Attacks, IMB Reports The seas around West Africa remain the world’s most dangerous for piracy, the International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) latest report reveals. Of the 75 seafarers taken host [...]
June 28, 2019
Five Indian Sailors Abducted in Nigeria Rescued: Indian Shipping Ministry THE High Commission of India in Abuja, Nigeria sought help from the Nigerian Navy to track the whereabouts of the missing Indian sailors, which in turn roped in the Nigerian Maritim [...]
May 28, 2019
One Month Since 2019’s First Piracy Attack Off The Somali Coast ON 21 April, suspected pirates seized a fishing dhow off the coast of Somalia, holding 23 people hostage. In a matter of hours, the European Union’s counter-piracy force EU NA [...]
May 8, 2019
New Zealand Man Killed in Boat Attack Off Panama IN a rare report of an attack against a pleasure boat off Panama, a family of four saw one member shot and killed and two others injured by three Panamaians on May 2. The international Maritime Bureau Pi [...]
April 26, 2019
Piracy Suspects Transferred to Seychellois Authorities EUNAVFOR Somalia Op Atalanta has transferred five suspected pirates to Seychellois authorities today after responding to piracy attacks on 21 April. Spanish flagship ESPS Navarra transported the fi [...]
April 24, 2019
First Piracy Attack Off Somalia in 2019 Thwarted, Hijacked Dhow Mothership Intercepted IN what appears to be the first piracy incident to occur off the coast of Somalia since 16 October 2018, on 21 April, fishing vessels Adria and Txori Argi were attacked [...]
April 18, 2019
ReCAAP ISC Reports 52 Percent Decrease in Incidents of Piracy/Armed Robbery Against Ships In Asia During January-March 2019 ReCAAP ISC reports a total of 10 incidents of armed robbery against ships (comprising nine actual incidents and one attempted incid [...]
April 11, 2019
Spanish Patrol Boat Rescues Hijacked Ship Off Nigeria A SPANISH patrol boat rescued a Nigerian merchant ship which had been kidnapped by pirates in the Guinean Gulf, reports the ministry of defence. The P-71 Serviola is based on the west African coast an [...]
March 29, 2019
EUNAVFOR OHQ Handover to Spain A CEREMONY took place today, 29 March, in Rota Naval Base, Cadiz, Spain, to mark the relocation of the Operation Headquarters of EU NAVFOR Atalanta Operation. The relocation of the Headquarters of the Operation has no pre [...]
March 29, 2019
EU Flag Lowered At Northwood OHQ THE European Union flag is to be lowered at Northwood HQ. The United Kingdom loses control of the EU's anti-piracy operation, which it has been commanding since the beginning, a good decade ago in December 2008. At issue:  [...]
March 14, 2019
Five Crew Kidnapped by Pirates Off Nigeria FIVE crew members from a Nigeria-flagged offshore support vessel have been kidnapped by armed pirates around 30 nautical miles southeast of Brass, Nigeria. During the attack on the E Francis on 9 March, the pira [...]
March 12, 2019
Indian Ocean Piracy High Risk Area to be Further Reduced THE SIZE of the ‘High Risk Area’ (HRA) for piracy in the Indian Ocean is to be further reduced effective from 1 May 2019, organisations representing the global shipping and oil industry  [...]
March 12, 2019
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - February 2019 Report ReCAAP ISC in the latest February report, states that a total of three incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in February 2019. There was no report of [...]
March 4, 2019
Suspected Somali Pirate Caught in Salzburg Police Net A SUSPECTED pirate alleged to have been involved in the capture of two German ships off the Somali coast in 2010 and 2011 has been arrested in Salzburg. The man apparently wanted to seek asylum there.  [...]
January 16, 2019
IMB Piracy Report 2018: Attacks Multiply in the Gulf of Guinea PIRACY increased on the world’s seas in 2018, with a marked rise in attacks against ships and crews around West Africa, the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Mariti [...]
November 8, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - October 2018 Report ReCAAP ISC October 2018 report states that total of six incidents of armed robbery against ships1 were reported in Asia in October 2018. No piracy2 incident was reported. Ther [...]
October 29, 2018
Record-Low Hijackings Yet Danger Persists in Gulf of Guinea, States IMB Report A TOTAL of 156 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported to the ICC International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) in the fir [...]
September 19, 2018
Fishermen Kidnapped Off Sabah, Malaysia. ASG Suspected LOCAL authorities in Malaysia report the kidnapping of two Indonesian fishermen from a fishing vessel, Dwijaya 1, by suspected Abu Sayyaf militants on 11 September in the province of Sulu, the souther [...]
September 10, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - August 2018 Report ReCAAP ISC reports that a total of eight incidents of armed robbery against ships1 were reported in Asia in August 2018. No piracy incident was reported. There was also no repo [...]
September 4, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Capacity Building Workshop Held in Yangon, Myanmar  MARITIME Law Enforcement and Regulatory Officers from 15 Countries Meet in Yangon, Myanmar for ReCAAP ISC Capacity Building Workshop to Share Best Practices in Combatt [...]
September 3, 2018
MOAS Marks 4th Anniversary of First Maritime Rescue ON Saturday, 30th of August 2014, the newly-launched Migrant Offshore Aid Station carried out its first rescue in the Mediterranean Sea. Two weeks later, our crew had rescued and assisted over  [...]
August 1, 2018
Nigerian Pirates Kidnap 35 Seafarers in the Gulf of Guinea – Report ACCORDING to security firm EOS Risk Group, Nigerian pirates have kidnapped 35 seafarers from vessels in the Gulf of Guinea so far this year. This information was disclosed in their  [...]
July 24, 2018
New IMB Report Shows Persistent Piracy Risk in Gulf of Guinea THE second quarterly report from the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) shows that all 2018 crew kidnappings have so far occurred in the Gulf of Guinea in six separate incidents. A total  [...]
July 18, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - Half-Yearly Report 2018 FORTY Incidents Reported to ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre from January to June 2018, Marking 15% Year-on-Year Decrease, and the Lowest in Number am [...]
June 12, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Sea Robbery Conference 2018 Addresses Proactive Response Among Stakeholders to Counter Piracy in Asia  ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre organises jointly with BIMCO and INTERTANKO for the first time its annual conference i [...]
May 9, 2018
EU NAVFOR in Collaboration With the Seychelles AT a recent port visit to the Seychelles, ITS Margottini’s crew and embarked Force Headquarters Staff have built on the strong relationship between EU NAVFOR and the Seychelles authorities. The Seych [...]
May 8, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - April 2018 Report ReCAAP ISC reported that there were three minor incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia in April 2018, while there was no report of incidents involving the a [...]
May 2, 2018
Japan-Funded Maritime Security Courses Get Underway in Djibouti THE first in a series of regional maritime security courses, funded by the Government of Japan, has been held at the Djibouti Regional Training Centre (DRTC). During a five-day workshop (22-2 [...]
April 27, 2018
ReCAAP & RSIS Hold Maritime Roundtable on “Single Reporting Centre” for Piracy and Sea Robbery THE Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia Information Sharing Centre (ReCAAP ISC) [...]
April 24, 2018
EUNAVFOR/CMF Hold 42nd SHADE Conference EU NAVFOR chaired the 42nd Shared Awareness and De-confliction (SHADE) conference in Bahrain over two days from 17th to 18th April 2018; this was co-chaired by the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and w [...]
April 11, 2018
Pirate Attacks Worsen in Gulf of Guinea, Report A surge in armed attacks against ships around West Africa is pushing up global levels of piracy and armed robbery at sea, warns the International Chamber of Commerce's International Maritime Bureau (IMB). I [...]
March 9, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - January 2018 Report ACCORDING to ReCAAP ISC latest report a total of five incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in February 2018. No piracy incident was reported. Of the  [...]
March 2, 2018
National Maritime Security Strategy for Seychelles CONSULTATIONS to draft a National Maritime Security Strategy for Seychelles with different actors and stakeholders who are working in, playing a role in protecting and safeguarding or are connected in one [...]
February 9, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - January 2018 Report ReCAAP ISC reports total of seven incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia (comprising five actual incidents and two attempted incidents) in J [...]
January 25, 2018
INTERTANKO, ICS and BIMCO Issue Guidance As Yemen Conflict Forces New Security Recommendations IN response to the threats arising from the conflict in Yemen, BIMCO, ICS and INTERTANKO have published interim guidance on maritime security in the southern Re [...]
January 16, 2018
ReCAAP ISC Reports 19 Percent Rise in Incidents of Piracy/Armed Robbery Against Ships In Asia for 2017 ReCAAP ISC annual report states that a total of 101 incidents (comprising 89 actual incidents and 12 attempted incidents) were reported in 2017 compared [...]
January 13, 2018
Loss of Communication With Vessel MT Barrett off Benin THE Union Maritime vessel, MT Barrett, a product tanker which was at anchor off Benin, West Africa has not been heard from since late on Tuesday 9th January, states Union Maritime, London-based tanker [...]
December 21, 2017
Six Suspected Somali Pirates Held in Seychelles Face 30 Years in Prison SIX Somali nationals who were transferred to Seychelles after being caught attacking a container ship and a fishing vessel last month [November]c ould face 30 years imprisonment  [...]
December 11, 2017
CGPCS Chair Handover to Indian Ocean Commission by Seychelles Contact Group on Piracy off the Somali Coast (CGPCS) Chai IOC took over the presidency for a period of two years. The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) has succeeded the Republic of Seychelles a [...]
December 7, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - November 2017 Report ReCAAP ISC latest report states that a total of nine incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in November 2017. Of these, seven were actual incident [...]
November 20, 2017
Suspected Pirates Chased & Apprehended in Somali Basin After Firing on Container Ship EU NAVFOR Somalia’s Flagship, the Italian warship, ITS Virginio Fasan, has apprehended six suspected pirates and seized their vessels, reports the Operati [...]
November 9, 2017
Seychelles Chair of the CGPCS Welcomes Renewed Resolution on Anti Piracy by UN Security Council AMBASSADOR Barry Faure, current chairman of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, CGPCS, has welcomed the UN Security Council Resolution 2383 ( [...]
October 16, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - Jan-Sep 3rd Quarterly 2017 Report IN AN extensive third quarter report, ReCAAP ISC states that a total of 50 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships (comprising 43 actual incidents an [...]
September 11, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - August 2017 Report ReCAAP ISC reports a total of four incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in August 2017. Of these, three were actual incidents and one was an attempted [...]
September 8, 2017
Guidance on Maritime Security Transit Corridor THE following information from the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) relates to transits through the Gulf of Aden, Bab Al Mandeb (BaM), Southern Red Sea, and associated waters.  It does not replace any pr [...]
September 5, 2017
Combined Task Force 151, Focused Operation 14 to 28 Sept 2017 A MARITIME Security Operation will be conducted in areas off the Somali Coast and Suqutra (Socotra) Gap between 14 and 28 September 2017. CTF 151 and UKMTO have released a notice of the plan [...]
August 22, 2017
Three Years On, MOAS Vows to Continue Saving Lives At Sea THREE YEARS have passed since when, on 30 August 2014, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) first rescued a group of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean. The first private search-and [...]
August 17, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - July 2017 Report ReCAAP ISC latest report for July 2017 states that a total of two actual incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in July 2017. No piracy incident was  [...]
August 11, 2017
Inauguration of the Sir James Mancham International Centre for Peace & Diplomacy in Seychelles HOW to ensure peace and stability in the Western Indian Ocean and prevent threats such as piracy? How might the foreign policy and diplomacy of Seychelles [...]
August 9, 2017
Guidance On Transits Through The Bab El Mandeb and Associated Waters UKMTO operating from Dubai, has issued an advisory following information from the UK government relating to ship transits through the Bab El Mandeb (BeM) and associated waters.  Thi [...]
August 9, 2017
Community of Reporting for The Gulf of Guinea PIRACY and armed robbery as a crime continues to be a concern to the shipping industry, states the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB PRC). A structured response by governments and thei [...]
July 28, 2017
India's Measures to Deal With Piracy At Sea THE INDIAN Government has issued steps as part of various preventive/mitigating security measures against piracy at sea The Government has taken the following steps as part of various preventive/mitigating  [...]
July 26, 2017
CGPCS Chairman Faure on Goodwill Mission to Mogadishu THE Seychelles’ chair of the Contact Group on Piracy Off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS), Ambassador Barry Faure, has undertaken a goodwill mission to Mogadishu, capital of Somalia and the seat of t [...]
July 18, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - Jan-Mar Quarterly 2017 Report ReCAAP ISC half yearly report for 2017 states that a total of 36 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships (comprising 30 actual incidents and six att [...]
July 18, 2017
CMF Advisory to Maritime Community - Gulf of Aden/Bab-el-Mandeb Strait RECENT attacks against merchant shipping in the Gulf of Aden and Bab-el-Mandeb have highlighted there are still risks associated with transits through these waters. Daylight attacks b [...]
July 16, 2017
Piracy in the Gulf of Oman a Misunderstanding? RECENT REPORTS of the return of pirates in the waters of the Gulf of Oman may be somewhat premature. According to the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre report, an incident involving the G [...]
July 14, 2017
Two Maritime Security Centres Commissioned Two centres to enhance maritime security have been commissioned. THE NATIONAL Information Sharing and Coordination Centre (NISCC) and the Regional Centre for Operations Coordination (RCOC) were officially opened [...]
July 11, 2017
Seychelles Delivers a Successful 20th Plenary of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia THE SEYCHELLES delegation has returned to Seychelles following the successful 20th Plenary of the Contact Group on Piracy Off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS [...]
July 4, 2017
Newly Issued Report Reveals 87 Incidents of Maritime Piracy in First Half of 2017 - IMB CONTINUING decline in the number of reported incidents of maritime piracy and armed robbery against ships has been revealed in the second quarter piracy report of the  [...]
June 14, 2017
HMAS Arunta Intercepts 260kg of Heroin in Indian Ocean HMAS ARUNTA has completed a third significant narcotics interdiction after seizing 260kg of heroin in the Indian Ocean, while operating in support of the French-UK led Combined Task Force 150 (CT [...]
June 9, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - May 2017 Report ReCAAP ISC latest report states that a total of six actual incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in May 2017. No attempted incident was reporte [...]
June 8, 2017
Gulf of Guinea Interregional Network to Fight Crime at Sea NINETEEN coastal countries stretching from Senegal to Angola have started working together in a joint effort at fighting crime at sea. The European Union project, Gulf of Guinea Interregional N [...]
June 5, 2017
Piracy discussed in Dubai meetings: ‘Recommendations to adhere to Best Management Practices’ A COMBINED Maritime Force (CMF) visit to Dubai has given the regional counter-piracy coordinator an opportunity to discuss security issues with [...]
May 31, 2017
Oil Tanker Attacked With RPG in Southern Red Sea EU NAVFOR has confirmed that earlier today, 31 May 2017, a Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker (pictured) was approached and fired upon by three men in a skiff in the southern Bab-Al-Mandeb (BAM) Strait.  [...]
May 25, 2017
33 Casualties As Boat With 750 People Capsizes In Mediterranean - MOAS 24th May 2017 saw one of MOAS’ most tragic rescues to date. Overcrowding and sea swell tipped hundreds into the water during a rescue yesterday. 31 bodies were recovered to MOAS  [...]
May 17, 2017
Indian Navy Warship Foils Potential Pirate Activity in Gulf of Aden THE Government of India Press Information Bureau released details of a suspicious incident occurring in the Gulf of Aden last weekend resulting in the boarding of three suspect dhows by a [...]
May 12, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - April 2017 Report ReCAAP ISC in it’s latest monthly report that a total of three incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in April 2017. Of these, two were  [...]
May 4, 2017
MOAS Representatives Attend Italian Parliamentary Hearings As Phoenix Crew Conduct Med Rescues MOAS representatives today appeared before the Schengen Committee of the Italian Parliament and the Defence Commission of the Italian Senate to give input on ma [...]
May 4, 2017
Maritime Piracy Report Sees First Somali Hijackings After Five-Year Lull PIRATES and armed robbers attacked 43 ships and captured 58 seafarers in the first quarter of 2017, slightly more than the same period last year, according to the latest ICC Internat [...]
April 25, 2017
EU NAVFOR Spanish Flagship ESPS Galicia Prevents Hijack off Somalia SPANISH flagship, ESPS Galicia, received a SOS distress call from the master of merchant ship, MT Costina, to say that his vessel was being attacked by a number of armed pirates in a fast [...]
April 18, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - Jan-Mar Quarterly 2017 Report ReCAAP ISC Jan-Mar 2017 Quarterly reports states that a total of 20 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships (comprising 15 actual incidents and five atte [...]
April 16, 2017
MOAS Conducts Rescue of Over 1,500 People from 9 Vessels Across 24 Hours of Uninterrupted Rescue Operations in The Central Meditteranean    SINCE IN the early hours of Saturday 15 April, MOAS has been involved in the ongoing rescue and ass [...]
March 31, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Special Report on Abducting of Crew from Ships in the Sulu-Celebes Sea and Waters off Eastern Sabah (Part III) ReCAAP ISC has issued a Special Report includes an advisory to the shipping industry to exercise enhanced vigilance and to report imm [...]
March 31, 2017
Seychelles Authorities Call For Reinforced Safety Measures At Sea FISHERMEN, pleasure boats and other seafarers are being asked to be more vigilant and to reinforce all their security precautions before they go out at sea and when they are already out and [...]
March 30, 2017
Centre for Peace Studies and Diplomacy Holds First Forum on Small Island Diplomacy THE SIR James Mancham International Centre for Peace Studies and Diplomacy has organised its first forum on core diplomatic challenges for Seychelles and the region. The f [...]
March 28, 2017
MOASxChange 2017 - A Forum Exploring Safe and Legal Alternatives to the Maritime Migration Route ON 27 MARCH, MOAS hosted the second edition of ‘MOASxChange’, a forum dedicated to the migration phenomenon. This year, experts in the f [...]
March 13, 2017
Seychelles Repatriates Five Somali Nationals Acquitted For Piracy Offences FIVE Somali nationals were repatriated Monday after being acquitted for their conviction on piracy offences, a statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs said. In co-ordination [...]
March 9, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - February 2017 Report ACCORDING to ReCAAP ISC latest report, a total of four incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in February 2017. Of these, three were a [...]
February 9, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - January 2017 Report ACCORDING to ReCAAP ISC latest report total of six incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in January 2017. No incident of piracy was reported. Of the  [...]
January 19, 2017
ReCAAP ISC Reports Signifcant Drop in Incidents of Piracy/Armed Robbery Against Ships In Asia for 2016 ACCORDING to the latest ReCAAP Annual Report for 2016, here has been a significant improvement in the situation of piracy and armed robbery against ship [...]
January 12, 2017
Opinion - Steady As She Goes – As CGPCS Enters 2017 IN a recent interview with SBC television I mentioned that although there had been no successful attacks against IMO registered vessels by Somali pirates in the year 2016, and that the last of the  [...]
January 11, 2017
IMB Report: Sea Kidnappings Rise in 2016 Despite Plummeting Global Piracy More crew were kidnapped at sea in 2016 than in any of the previous 10 years, despite global piracy reaching its lowest levels since 1998, the ICC International Maritime Bureau&rsqu [...]
January 7, 2017
Former Seychelles’ President Sir James Mancham Dies at Residence SEYCHELLES former President James Mancham died on Sunday morning at his residence, said a member of the family. Speaking to SNA, Mancham’s nephew, Dereck Pothin confirmed that [...]
January 3, 2017
Seychelles Founding President Mancham Comments on New UN Secretary General New Year's Appeal for Peace Address SEYCHELLES founding president, Sir James Mancham, comments on the the New Year Appeal for Peace made by the new UN Secretary General, Ant&o [...]
December 28, 2016
CGPCS Chair Changes Hands As Work Continues For 2017 THE Secretariat of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, CGPCS, announces that the current chairman, Minister Joël Morgan, has handed over the responsibilities of the chairmanship t [...]
December 21, 2016
Opinion - Rising to the Challenge of the Christmas Spirit OUR little capital of Victoria is glittering once again with silver lights all over the place reminding us that Christmas is on the way. Thank you Mayor of Victoria for organising this. Although no [...]
December 13, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - November 2016 Report ReCAAP ISC latest reports reveals that a total of 10 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in November 2016. Of these, six were actual inc [...]
December 9, 2016
Piracy: Seychelles’ Top Court Quashes Conviction of 5 Somalis, Dismisses Appeals of 8 Others (Seychelles News Agency) - THE Seychelles Court of Appeal -- the island nation’s top court -- on Friday ruled on two separate piracy cases, deciding t [...]
December 7, 2016
China Should Be The Nation Aiming To Win The Peace The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Foundation will strengthen regional cooperation among Indian Ocean Islands of Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles on both public and private sectors partnersh [...]
November 30, 2016
Seychelles Founding President Delivering Keynote Address at 21st Century Silk Road Indian Ocean Islands Foundation in Mauritius IT is announced from Glacis-sur-Mer that Seychelles founding President Sir James R. Mancham will be leaving Seychelles on Sunda [...]
November 21, 2016
Increasing Concern of Crew Abduction from Ships in Asia IN the latest incident alert, the ReCAAP ISC details the increasing cases of abduction of crew from ships. It goes on to state that it is deeply concerned about the situation of abduction of crew fro [...]
November 16, 2016
Seychelles in a Politically Topsy-Turvy World AS President Danny Faure boarded an Air Seychelles flight on Sunday 13th November, 2016 to Abu Dhabi with his delegation of advisers and experts to tackle the global warming problem at a summit meeting in Moro [...]
November 16, 2016
Search-and-Rescue in the Mediterranean More Dangerous Than Ever as 2016 Becomes Deadliest Year on Record DESPITE tireless efforts to save lives by both civil society and European navies, MOAS crews are witnessing search-and-rescue efforts in the Mediterra [...]
November 10, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - October 2016 Report ReCAAP ISC reports that in October 2016, five incidents were reported in Asia. Of these, one was an incident of piracy in South China Sea and the other incidents were armed ro [...]
November 6, 2016
Environmental Education Vital For in Fight Against Climate Change  OP-ED by Sir James Mancham - I refer to your article ‘SEYCHELLES’ ECO-SCHOOLS PROGRAMME’ which appeared in your issue of 2nd November, 2016, which was contributed by [...]
November 5, 2016
EU Naval Force Operation Commander Reinforces Need for Vigilance at Sea as Chemical Tanker Attacked by Suspected Somali Pirates THE Operation Commander of the EU Naval Force (Somalia), Major General Rob Magowan CBE, has reiterated the need for continued v [...]
November 2, 2016
Threat to Seafarers Remains Despite Piracy Clampdown, IMB Reports KIDNAPPING and hostage-taking persists off the coasts of West Africa and South East Asia, despite a 20-year low in piracy on the world’s seas, according to new figures from the Intern [...]
November 2, 2016
Letter to the Editor: Seychelles – “A Small Country That Thinks Big” I AM writing to you as a member of Le Club de Madrid which celebrated on Tuesday October 25, 2016, its 15th anniversary having been formed with the objective of consoli [...]
October 24, 2016
CGPCS Chairman, Minister Joel Morgan, Welcomes Release of Crew of FV Naham 3 Released by Somali Pirates After Over 4 1/2 Years in Captivity “IT IS indeed pleasing to understand that at long last, the crew of FV Naham 3 have been released from their  [...]
October 22, 2016
Crew of FV Naham 3 Released by Pirates After Over 4 1/2 Years in Captivity Nairobi, Kenya – 22 October 2016: THE HOSTAGE Support Partners announce the release of the 26 remaining hostages of the FV Naham 3. The Omani flagged fishing vessel was hijac [...]
October 18, 2016
Seychelles New President to Benefit From Predecessors Wisdom SEYCHELLES new President Danny Rollen Faure who was sworn in as the fourth President of the Republic of Seychelles on Sunday 16th October, 2016, at State House – on Monday 17th October met [...]
October 13, 2016
MOAS-Italian Red Cross Late Night Rescue: 113 People Rescued; at Least 17 Missing, Including a 3-Year-Old Baby ANOTHER tragedy struck in the Mediterranean Sea last night. At least 17 people are considered to be dead/missing according to the 113 survivors  [...]
October 12, 2016
Muslims In Seychelles  SEYCHELLES’ Founding President Sir James R. Mancham has agreed to write a foreword to a book which will be published before the end of the year in Seychelles by iMedia (Seychelles) Ltd under the title Muslims in Seychelle [...]
October 7, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Rbbery Against Ships in Asia Third Quarter Report 2016 THE third quarter of 2016 has seen the lowest number of incidents year-on-year in Asia, according to ReCAAP ISC latest report. Fifty nine incidents were recorded of which  [...]
October 6, 2016
Migration: Joint MOAS/Italian Red Cross (CRI) Mission Rescues Almost 800 People Three bodies recovered in the hold of one vessel IN a chaotic night of operations that continued well into the early hours of the morning, the Phoenix and Responder, two vess [...]
September 30, 2016
Is Seychelles To Remain “An Oasis of Peace In A World In Turmoil?" SEYCHELLES'’ founding President Sir James R. Mancham has welcomed the initiative taken by Mexico, Austria, Ireland, Brazil, Nigeria and South Africa for their resolution at the [...]
September 22, 2016
UK University Professor Commends Sir James Mancham's Politics of Reconciliation UNDOUBTEDLY, you will have noticed that OCEANUSLive has followed and supported the endeavours of Sir James Mancham, the founding President of the Republic of the Seychelles, f [...]
September 21, 2016
The Somali Legal System for the Maritime Police; EUCAP Nestor Workshop EUCAP Nestor Workshop held in Mogadishu on September 18th and 19th, EUCAP Nestor organised a workshop on Maritime Legislation. Four Somali Prosecutors – two of which were fe [...]
September 19, 2016
Royal Artist to Paint Sir James Mancham Portrait THE Royal painter Fiona Graham-Mackay whose portrait of poet Sir Andrew Motion has been selected for the BP Award Exhibition at the National Gallery Portrait Gallery in London this summer, and which is abou [...]
September 7, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - August 2016 Report ReCAAP ISC reports a total of three incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in August 2016. Of these, two were actual incidents and one was an [...]
September 5, 2016
Seven Bodies Recovered & 354 Rescued During Dramatic Day in the Mediterranean SEVEN people, 5 women and 2 men, have lost their lives today in one of the most challenging rescues ever conducted by MOAS and Italian Red Cross since the beginning of their [...]
September 5, 2016
A Telescopic View of Seychelles Beyond the September National Assembly Election I HAVE before me the 20th page of today’s Seychelles NATION (Thursday 1st September, 2016) dedicated to ‘World News’, writes Sir James Mancham, founding Pres [...]
September 2, 2016
EUCAP Nestor Head of Ops Meets EUNAVFOR FCdr & Somali Maritime Security Leaders ON 1 September, EUCAP Nestor’s Head of Operations hosted a meeting with the Force Commander from EU NAVFOR Atalanta and key Federal Somali maritime security leaders. [...]
August 31, 2016
Investigation: Military Conscription Reintroduction in Sweden in 2019 CONSCRIPTION [is to be] reintroduced in 2019, with basic military training for both women and men within the framework of the law on national service. It is proposed, from the in [...]
August 30, 2016
MOAS Calls For #SafeAndLegalRoutes To End Deaths At Sea As Hits Two-Year Anniversary EXACTLY two years ago, on 30 August 2014, MOAS conducted its first rescue operation in the Mediterranean, saving the lives of some 250 Syrians and Palestinians, including [...]
August 25, 2016
UPDATE: Incident Involving MSF Mediterranean Search and Rescue Vessel Bourbon Argos - Libyan Navy Admit Confrontation A REPORT reached us at OCEANUSLive that one of the Medecins Sans Frontieries - Doctors Without Borders - rescue ships in the Mediterranea [...]
August 19, 2016
Death in the Mediterranean: Two Syrian Children Among 5 Bodies Recovered and Hundreds More Rescued Through Joint MOAS – Red Cross Mission TWO Syrian girls, aged 8 months and 5 years, are among the five bodies recovered yesterday morning in the Medit [...]
August 15, 2016
Director of Irish Coast Guards heads EUCAP Nestor’s Operations in Somalia IN August 2016 Christopher Reynolds joined EUCAP Nestor’s team at the Mogadishu HQ as the new Head of Operations. He will lead a team of European maritime, legal and pol [...]
August 8, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - July 2016 Report ACCORDING to ReCAAP ISC, a total of four incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in July 2016. Two were incidents of abduction of crew from ships in waters [...]
August 5, 2016
An International Response to a Global Crisis:  MOAS and the Italian Red Cross Strengthen Their Partnership to Save Lives at Sea AS the humanitarian migration crisis continues to intensify to worryingly critical levels, the Italian Red Cross (CRI) and [...]
July 30, 2016
The Quest For Democracy As We Approach The National Assembly Eelections - Op-Ed July, 2016, Mr Regis Francourt states that ‘no one has monopoly on democracy.’ Mr Francourt was questioning the basis of certain allegations disparaging his i [...]
July 27, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Special Report on Abduction of Crew from Ships in Waters Off Eastern Sabah and Southern Philippines THE ReCAAP ISC states that it is concerned with the spate of incidents involving the abduction of crew from ships while underway in waters off e [...]
July 25, 2016
Sea Piracy Drops to 21-Year Low, IMB Reports PIRACY and armed robbery at sea has fallen to its lowest levels since 1995, despite a surge in kidnappings off West Africa, according to a new report from the International Chamber of Commerce's International M [...]
July 15, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - Half Year 2016 Report ReCAAP ISC reports that there has been an improvement in the piracy and armed robbery situation in Asia with the largest decrease in number of incidents during January-June  [...]
July 7, 2016
Mancham in Paris - "Seychelles A Small Country That Thinks Tall" 40 YEARS ago, just two weeks after Seychelles became an independent nation, its founding President Sir James R. Mancham, Officier de la Légion d’Honneur, attended in Paris the 1 [...]
July 5, 2016
Maritime Vessels in Gulf of Guinea Targeted by Email Phishing THE MDAT-GoG (Marine Domain Awareness for Trade – Gulf of Guinea) has received information that there have been numerous attempts to encourage mariners, in the Gulf of Guinea re [...]
June 24, 2016
VRAs: Traffic, Threat, & Response Awareness THE establishment of the new MDAT-GoG reporting “network” in the Gulf of Guinea and the associated changes to UKHO chart Q6114, have raised old questions about the definitions and purp [...]
June 24, 2016
South Korean Team Leads Investigations as Fishing Boat With Murdered Crew Members Docks in Seychelles INVESTIGATORS from South Korea are in Seychelles probing the deaths of the captain and chief engineer of a South Korean fishing vessel, the island nation [...]
June 22, 2016
Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) Fleet Saves Over 2000 People in Two Weeks on the Frontline of the Mediterranean Crisis SINCE the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) launched the 2016 Mediterranean mission on June 6th, over 2,000 people were rescued an [...]
June 18, 2016
Update: The Future Of MTISC-GoG and New FR/UK Reporting Centre AS advised, the Maritime Trade Information Sharing Centre – Gulf of Guinea (MTISC-GoG) will close following the successful conclusion of the Pilot Project and France and the United  [...]
June 13, 2016
Sir James Mancham International Centre for Peace Studies and Diplomacy, Seychelles WITH the expert guidance and experience of Sir James Mancham, and under the auspices of the University of Seychelles, it is proposed to establish an international centre fo [...]
June 10, 2016
Seychelles Court Sentences Five Somalis to 12 years, Concludes Last Piracy Case A last group of suspected Somali pirates that remained on trial in Seychelles has been found guilty of piracy offences and sentenced to 12 years in prison by the Sey [...]
June 9, 2016
Propelling Seychelles As The Pioneer of the Blue Economy Concept IN a ceremony to mark World Ocean Day yesterday (8th June), Seychelles President James Alix Michel launched a new book entitled, Rethinking the Ocean – Towards the Blue Economy.  [...]
June 8, 2016
Rethinking The Oceans - Towards the Blue Economy SEYCHELLES is marking World Ocean Day by the launching of a new book entitled RETHINKING THE OCEANS – Towards the Blue Economy by President James Alix Michel who was last week confirmed by the Supreme [...]
June 8, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - May 2016 Report IN its latest report, ReCAAP ISC states that a total of eight incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in May 2016, and this accounts for a 65% de [...]
June 7, 2016
India Becomes Co-Chair of Working Group on Maritime Situational Awareness Under CGPCS INDIA on 4 June 2016 became the co-chair of Working Group on Maritime Situational Awareness under Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS). This decisio [...]
June 6, 2016
MTISC-GoG, West Africa Reporting Centre, Announces it is to Close in June  MTISC-GoG, the West Africa reporting centre for maritime incidents, will close following the successful conclusion of the Pilot Project before the end of June 2016 it was anno [...]
June 6, 2016
MOAS & Emergency NGO Partner in Mediterranean Rescue & Medical Care Mission A JOINT operation by Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) and EMERGENCY NGO, humanitarian organisation which provides medical care, will leave Malta today aboard the Respon [...]
June 4, 2016
19th CGPCS Plenary Concludes. Seychelles to Remain as Chair for Another Year MEMBERS attending the 19th Plenary of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, CGPCS, proposed at the closing of the event yesterday afternoon, 3rd June 2016, that S [...]
June 3, 2016
Sir James Mancham Pronounced Ambassador of M3 Communications Group, Inc. SEYCHELLES founding President Sir James Mancham was pronounced  Ambassador of the leading Public Relations corporation M3 Communications Group, Inc. The special recognition [...]
June 1, 2016
Contact Group Delegates to Chart the Way Forward  HUNDREDS of delegates from around the globe are joining with local stakeholders today at the International Conference Centre to deliberate on actions to date of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coa [...]
May 31, 2016
MOAS launch 2016 Mediterranean Mission with Two Ships, Two Drones Patrolling the ‘Dead Zone’ MIGRANT Offshore Aid Station fleet readies for June 6th mission launch after Mediterranean’s deadliest week. Profess [...]
May 31, 2016
Operations Centre to Improve Maritime Safety Opens in Berbera Colorado, USA – 26 May 2016: Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), EUCAP Nestor and the Somaliland Coast Guard announced today the opening of the B [...]
May 30, 2016
Mancham Called Upon to Assist in Finding Solution to Roma Problems in Europe SEYCHELLES’ founding President Sir James R. Mancham was welcomed on arrival at Sofia International Airport, Bulgaria, yesterday (Sunday 29 May, 2016) by the Honourable Maxi [...]
May 18, 2016
EU Appoints New Operation Commander for EU NAVFOR Somalia ON 18 May 2016, the Political and Security Committee appointed Brigadier Robert Magowan CBE, an officer from the British Royal Marines, as Operation Commander for the EU Naval Force Somalia- EU NAV [...]
May 12, 2016
Shared Awareness and De-Confliction in the Mediterranean - SHADE-MED Meeting 12/13 May SHARED Awareness and De-confliction in the Mediterranean (SHADE MED) is a forum where representatives from nations and organizations interested in or impacted by t [...]
May 11, 2016
Contact Group Anti-Piracy Conference in Seychelles Nears 20 DAYS left as Seychelles Readies for Major Anti Piracy Conference. Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, CGPCS, Delegates Head for their 19th Plenary. As of Wednesday 11 May 2016 [...]
May 10, 2016
Oil Tanker Hai Soon 12 Rescued After Hijack, Suspects Arrested Off Indonesia IN the first hijack of an oil tanker in Southeast Asian waters in 2016, and since the hijack of MT Joaquim in Aug 2015, Cook Islands-flagged [ex-Kiribati-flagged] oil tanker, Hai [...]
May 9, 2016
Seychelles UN-Friendly Encounter THE visit of the UN Secretary General, His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon to Seychelles from Saturday 7 and 8 of May can certainly be described as an important and friendly encounter between the representative of the lon [...]
May 6, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - April 2016 Report THE latest ReCAAP ISC report states that a total of 10 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in April 2016; Ten crew abducted from tug Brahma [...]
May 6, 2016
Freedom of Expression Stops Where and When Defamation Begins - Op Ed by Sir James Mancham LAST night (Wednesday 4 May), I had the opportunity to follow the roundtable discussions which SBC hosted with Ms Marceline Evenor as Chairperson and a collecti [...]
May 4, 2016
If You Sow A Mango Seed, You Get A Mango Tree SEYCHELLES’ founding President Sir James R. Mancham, KBE, who was recently the recipient of the Africa Peace Award 2016, has welcomed the news that the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has accepted the [...]
May 1, 2016
Combined Maritime Forces in Bahrain Lead the SHADE Counter-Piracy Conference  THE latest Shared Awareness and Deconfliction (SHADE) conference took place in Bahrain at an opportune time with the International Mine Counter Measures Exercise  [...]
April 27, 2016
Violent Attacks Worsen in Seas Off West Africa Despite Global Piracy Downturn, IMB Reports AS piracy on the world’s seas continues to fall, new figures from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau (IMB) highlight gr [...]
April 22, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Special Report - Abduction of Crew from Tug Boats in Waters off East Sabah and South Philippines  ReCAAP ISC highlights that within a period of three weeks (26 March – 15 April 2016), the ReCAAP Focal Point (Philippines) reporte [...]
April 17, 2016
MOAS Calls for Support on the One-Year Anniversary of Mediterranean’s Deadliest Day for Migrants  ON the one-year anniversary of a tragic accident where a boat with an estimated 850 people on board sank in the Mediterranean Sea, search and resc [...]
April 16, 2016
Mancham Calls for the Re-Activation of the ‘Spirit of Harambee’  IN Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday 12th April  2016, Seychelles founding President Sir James R. Mancham called upon the Kenyan Nation, the African continent and indeed the wh [...]
April 15, 2016
Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) Ends Sea Mission in South East Asia DUE to delays in the release of drones used for search and rescue mission, MOAS ends its sea mission in SE Asia. The MOAS ASIA mission will continue to use its ground network and adv [...]
April 15, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - 1st Quarter 2016 Report ACCORDING to ReCAAP ISC 1st Quarter 2016 report, there has been improvement in the situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia during January-March 2016 co [...]
April 12, 2016
MPHRP Visit at Maximus Ship’s Crew Home MT MAXIMUS was attacked off Ivory Coast on 11th February. The ship name and IMO number were changed but the Nigerian Navy followed the vessel and during a fight to recapture the ship one of the pirates was kil [...]
April 9, 2016
Mancham ‘The Apostle Of National Reconciliation’ Heading For Nairobi To Collect Peace Trophy SEYCHELLES founding President Sir James R. Mancham leaves Mahe, Seychelles tomorrow heading for Nairobi, Kenya where he will be presented with the Afr [...]
April 8, 2016
Two Security Guards Shot Dead Onboard Spanish Tuna Boat TWO security guards of the Spanish company Seguribérica died Friday [8 Apr] on board the Spanish tuna fishing vessel, Txori Gorri, while the ship was fishing off the coast of Madagascar, about [...]
April 6, 2016
URI-Africa to Present its Africa Peace Award to Seychelles Founding President James Mancham IT is announced from the office of the United Religions Initiatives (URI)-Africa that the Regional Director of URI-Africa in common accord with Common Purpose and  [...]
March 28, 2016
Russian Sailor Tells Of Life as a Prisoner of Nigerian Pirates IVAN RUDNY flew from St. Petersburg to Murmansk on Sunday evening. At the airport he was met by his wife and friends. The sailor said to journalists that he is healthy and they [pirates] treat [...]
March 25, 2016
Russian Sailor, Kidnapped Off Nigeria, Reported Freed A RESIDENT of Murmansk, Russia, who was captured during an attack on a ship by pirates in Nigeria on February 23 is reported to have been released. This was stated in the message of the Russian Embassy [...]
March 22, 2016
Mancham Invited to Become ‘Membre du Comité d’Honneur’ of International Movement for Relations Between States and Religions IT is announced from the office of Seychelles’ founding President Sir James R. Mancham that the latt [...]
March 18, 2016
MOAS' Aegean Sea SAR Op Saves Over 1600 People in 3 Months MOAS saves and assists 1,633 people in the Aegean Sea over the last three months in a period of increasing refugee traffic and political pressure Search and rescue NGO MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid  [...]
March 18, 2016
MANCHAM - "Sustainability Must Become Part of National Policy" IT is announced from the office of Seychelles' founding President Sir James R. Mancham that Sir James flew from Baku in Azerbaijan where he was busy last week debating on the political conditi [...]
March 15, 2016
Lease For Peace - A Bold Suggestion for Peace in the Middle East by Prominent Seychelles Citizen IN the new issue of VIOAS magazine (Voice of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea) printed in the Seychelles, it carries a two-page proposal for bringing [...]
March 14, 2016
20 Years in Prison for Somali Pirate Kingpin, Belgian Court Rules THE Bruges Criminal Court, sentenced, in absentia, the Somali pirate Kingpin Mohamed Abdi Hassan (60), to 20 years in prison for the hijacking of merchant vessel Pompeii. His compatriot, Mo [...]
March 11, 2016
Seychelles Founding President, Sir James Mancham, Calls to Comment on “Is Seychelles Paradise on Earth”? “WHERE does Seychelles, which is internationally reputed to be a paradise on earth sit in the state of a world which is in conflict  [...]
March 9, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - February 2016 Report ACCORDING to ReCAAP ISC, a total of three incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in February 2016. No piracy incident was reported. The number of inci [...]
March 9, 2016
Mancham at 4th Baku Forum - "Towards a Multipolar World" SEYCHELLES' founding President Sir James R. Mancham was warmly welcomed on his arrival in Baku, Azerbaijan, last night (Tuesday 8th March), to participate at the 4th Global Baku Forum titled, "Towar [...]
March 7, 2016
Mancham in Hamburg Discussing Strategies for a Better World SEYCHELLES founding President Sir James R. Mancham arrived in Hamburg on Saturday 5th March, 2016 to take part in the 9th World Future Council (WFC) Annual General Meeting on the theme of:   [...]
March 5, 2016
Masked Gunmen Kill German Sailor on Yacht in St. Vincent PRIME Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, on Friday expressed “revulsion” at the murder of a German national and the injury of another on board a yacht anchored  [...]
February 26, 2016
MOAS Launches New Mission in South East Asia BANGKOK, THAILAND: Global search and rescue charity MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) will begin a new mission in South East Asia on March 3 in the Andaman Sea. The M.Y. Phoenix and its crew will coordinate w [...]
February 24, 2016
Mancham to Participate in “Top Level Dialogue” in New Delhi IT IS announced from the office of the founding President Sir James R. Mancham that Sir James has accepted the invitation of the Observers’ Research Foundation, an independent t [...]
February 23, 2016
French Yachtsman Seriously Wounded in Attack Off St Croix A French yachtsman was badly wounded following an attack on his single-hander yacht by sea robbers looking for drugs and money off St Croix in the Caribbean. The single-hander yacht, Arc en Ciel,  [...]
February 22, 2016
Kenyan Hostage Returns Home NAIROBI, KENYA and BROOMFIELD, USA, February 22, 2015 — JAMES Gachamba Kuria returned home to his family in Nairobi today after being kidnapped in Somalia in November 2014 and held for ransom by Somali Pirat [...]
February 22, 2016
FST - The Forum FORUM is prime opportunity to connect U.S.A. large and small businesses with the US Navy League For the past 15 years, the Department of the Navy’s “Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition” (FST) – the nation’s premie [...]
February 22, 2016
Seychelles’ Vulnerabilities in the Geo-Political Context - Op Ed A FEW years ago I told an audience of presidents of the Pacific island nations at an international conference in Tokyo, Japan, that they should pray to God Almighty that the only  [...]
February 18, 2016
All Africa Conference of Churches Endorses Mancham’s Peace and Reconciliation Centre in Seychelles Initiative IN a letter dated 9th February Rev. Andre Karamaga, General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches has congratulated Sir James  [...]
February 17, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - January 2016 Report A TOTAL of nine actual incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in January 2016. No piracy incident was reported. The number of incidents in January 2016 [...]
February 11, 2016
Mancham Fellowship of RSA Revived IT IS announced from the office of Seychelles founding President that at the invitation of the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Society for the encouragement of arts, manufacture and commerce, Mr Mathew Taylor,   [...]
February 6, 2016
Africa Peace Award 2016 - Mancham Receives Congratulatory Messages from Home and Abroad OVER the last couple of years, OCEANUSLive has been most fortunate to follow and engage with the work heralded by Sir James R Mancham, the founding President of t [...]
February 6, 2016
CTF150 – HMAS Melbourne Makes Fifth Drug Seizure   THE Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) made another seizure of heroin as part of their latest string of successes in combatting illegal narcotics. Under the direction of the Australian-led [...]
February 5, 2016
Anti-Piracy Group, CGPCS, Holds 1st Strategy Meeting of the Year Under Seychelles Chairmanship in Mumbai UNDER the chairmanship of Seychelles, the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) has concluded its first strategy meeting of the gro [...]
February 2, 2016
IMB: Maritime Piracy Hotspots Persist Worldwide Despite Reductions in Key Areas PIRACY and armed robbery on the world’s seas is persisting at levels close to those in 2014, despite reductions in the number of ships hijacked and crew captured, the In [...]
February 1, 2016
Seychelles' Mancham Honoured with Africa Peace Award 2016 SIR James R. Mancham, KBE, founding President of the Republic of Seychelles, has announced his acceptance of the Africa Peace Award, with which the United Religions Initiative (URI) has decided to  [...]
January 31, 2016
Seychelles Formally Announces Withdrawal from UNSC Race SEYCHELLES has formally announced its withdrawal as the East African Candidate for the Non-Permanent Seat of the United Nations Security Council for the period 2017-2018 at the 28th meeting of the Ex [...]
January 28, 2016
ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - 2015 Annual Report ReCAAP ISC has published its annual report covering incidents of piracy and armed robbery at sea against ships in Asian waters. A total of 200 incidents of piracy and arm [...]
January 23, 2016
MOAS Completes One Month of Complex Rescues as Refugee Deaths in Aegean Reach Record High ATHAGONISI – Search and rescue charity Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) has assisted hundreds of refugees from hostile seas between Turkey and Greece since  [...]
January 22, 2016
ECPD Keen to Contribute Towards the Realisation of Peace Centre in Seychelles IN a letter published in Seychelles Nation (Thursday 21st January, 2016), Prof. Dr. Negoslav Ostojic, the Executive Director of the European Center for Peace and Development (EC [...]
January 18, 2016
Opinion - Seychelles Can Be a Centre for Promoting World Peace and National Reconciliation I HAVE just returned to Seychelles after an absence of ten days spent mostly in Belgrade, Serbia where I also found a lot of time for thoughts and reflections. Befo [...]
January 4, 2016
Opinion - Mancham’s Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation WE have finally said goodbye to the year 2015 and after going through two rounds of presidential election, our small nation of less than 100,000 people remains politically more divided than [...]
January 2, 2016
Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) Rescues Shipwrecked Syrians on Greek Island of Agathonisi  AGATHONISI (02/01/2016) - Early this morning, January 2, 35 refugees endured five hours in heavy seas only to end up shipwrecked upon jagged rock [...]
December 29, 2015
Multinational Naval Force Seizes Over Eight Tonnes of Heroin THE multi-national Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) has reached an impressive milestone and seized in excess of eight tonnes of heroin since January 2013. This recent triumph confirms CMF as  [...]
December 24, 2015
EUNAVFOR Med Strengthening its Air Capabilities; New Air Base in Pantelleria (B2) THE European operation against human smugglers in the Mediterranean (EUNAVFOR Med Sophia) has reinforced its air operation. A Greek Airborne team joined the operat [...]
December 22, 2015
Mancham's Vision for Humanity Receives Worldwide Recognition IT IS announced from the office of Seychelles’ founding President Sir James R. Mancham that Sir James has been discerned a Citizen of the Earth-XXI. This certificate dated 20th December, 2 [...]
December 18, 2015
Combined Maritime Forces Continue the Fight Against Illegal Drugs THE Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) have continued their success against illegal narcotics and made another seizure of heroin off the coast of East Africa. This latest haul of 216 kilog [...]
December 15, 2015
EUCAP Nestor Phases Out Operations in the Seychelles ON December 14th EUCAP Nestor officially phased out its operations in the Seychelles. A closing ceremony, attended by representatives of the Seychelles Government, the Judiciary, Seychelles People Defe [...]
December 13, 2015
Somali Nationals Deported/Repatriated from Seychelles Following Piracy Cases THE SEYCHELLES Minister for Home Affairs requested the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Somalia, to agree and accept the deportation from the Republic of Seychelles an [...]
December 9, 2015
Combined Maritime Forces Seize More High Purity Heroin AUSTRALIAN warship (HMAS) Melbourne, working for the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) in the Middle East, has made another seizure of illegal narcotics off the coast of East Africa. Members of t [...]
December 7, 2015
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP ISC November 2015 Report IN its November report on Piracy and Armed Robbery against ships in Asia, ReCAAP ISC states a third month consecutive decrease in incidents but also a 53% decrease on the n [...]
December 4, 2015
President Obama Moved By Mancham’s Generosity SEYCHELLES founding President Sir James R. Mancham following his return to Seychelles yesterday (Thursday 3rd December, 2015) from various peace-orientated overseas missions, received in audience Her Exc [...]
December 2, 2015
MOAS Founders Named Among 100 Global Thinkers of 2015 by Foreign Policy FOREIGN Policy yesterday released its seventh annual Global Thinkers issue, naming MOAS founders Christopher and Regina Catrambone among their list of 100 Global Thinkers. Mr and M [...]
December 2, 2015
Littoral OP Tech East - Examining Coastal Operations EXPERTS from navies, academia and industry are meeting in Tokyo to examine the unique challenges of operating in the littoral or coastal environment. The Littoral OPTECH East workshop is being held i [...]
November 27, 2015
ReCAAP ISC Releases Guide for Tankers Operating in Asia to Combat Oil Cargo Theft ReCAAP ISC, in collaboration with the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) and the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) has produced a guide for tankers ope [...]
November 27, 2015
Seychelles President Nominated for Prestigious 2016 GUSI Peace Prize SEYCHELLES President James A. Michel has been nominated as a laureate for the 2016 Gusi Peace Prize Award in connection with the initiative he has taken on the Blue Economy concept in th [...]
November 24, 2015
Seychelles Gears Up to Take Over Contact Group Chairmanship SEYCHELLES is gearing up to take over the chairmanship of the Contact Group on Piracy off the coast of Somalia (CGPCS) from the European Union as from January 1 next year. As part of this prep [...]
November 22, 2015
Council of Former African Heads of States & Government for Environment & Climate Change Invitees SIR JAMES R Mancham was invited to join former President of Ethiopia as a Founding Member of the Council of Former African Heads of States and Governm [...]
November 17, 2015
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP ISC October 2015 Report ReCAAP ISC has released the Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia report for October 2015. It highlights a fall in the number of incidents having taken place with n [...]
November 7, 2015
Tugboat Robbed, Crew Tied Up Off Trinidad THE Captain of a commercial tug boat, Ms. Anne, was beaten when the vessel was boarded by robbers whilst anchored in the most westerly end of Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad. The incident occurred at approximately 0530 [...]
November 3, 2015
‘Today’s Democracies’ as Opposed to ‘Democratic Idealism’ I HAVE just returned home after a comparatively long stay overseas attending three major conferences, writes Sir James R Mancham KBE, Founding President of the Republi [...]
October 28, 2015
Mancham Meets The King Of Spain at High-Profile Dialogue in Madrid Hosted to Stop Violent Extremism SIR James R. Mancham, founding President of the Republic of Seychelles is at this moment in Madrid, Spain, participating in the high-level global dialogue  [...]
October 21, 2015
Seychelles New Mantra: Indian Ocean ‘Zone of Peace and Opportunity’ IN JULY 2015, at the 18th Plenary Session, the Contact Group on Piracy off the coast of Somalia (CGPCS), accepted the Government of Seychelles offer to take over the Chairmans [...]
October 21, 2015
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP ISC 3rd Quarterly Report 2015 A TOTAL of 161 incidents, comprising 150 actual incidents and 11 attempted incidents, were reported in Asia during January-September 2015 by ReCAAP ISC. Compared to Ja [...]
October 15, 2015
Turkish-Led Operation Working Alongside the EU and NATO TURKISH-led Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 has been working in association with NATO Task Force CTF 465 and the European Union Naval Force’s Task Force CTF 508 in the Gulf of Aden, Somali B [...]
October 15, 2015
In Savannah, Georgia, USA - Mancham Focusing on the Crisis in the World’s Oceans SEYCHELLES Founding President, Sir James R. Mancham, at the moment in Savannah, Georgia, USA, attending The Ocean Exchange Conference in his capacity as an Ambassador-a [...]
October 9, 2015
UNODC Commends Students Following Maritime Training Courses FORTY-EIGHT students from eight Indian Ocean countries including Seychelles following this year’s maritime security training courses taking place here were welcomed in a ceremony at the Cor [...]
October 2, 2015
Mancham Calls on US President Obama to Re-Open Embassy Closed at End of the Cold War FOLLOWING his return from New York where he addressed an audience of distinguished Americans at the New York Institute of Technology on the "Future of Education in the Wo [...]
September 27, 2015
"Robots Can Be a Threat to The Wellbeing of Mankind" - Seychelles' Founding President Warns at High-Level Panel Discussion in New York New York - SPEAKING at the First Employment Pathway Innovative Conference, which is intended to serve as a unique forum  [...]
September 21, 2015
Dutch Teacher Killed Onboard Sailboat in Cartagena Cartagena - A DUTCH citizen, Durdana Bruijn, aged 54 (stated as 60 in other reports), was apparently killed by a band of 'pirates' that boarded the sailboat as it was anchored in Rosario Islands, Cartagen [...]
September 21, 2015
Seychelles Ready to Take Chairmanship of UN Contact Group SEYCHELLES is now ready to take chairmanship of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia which coordinates efforts to fight against piracy in the region. This is what Foreign Affa [...]
September 10, 2015
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP August 2015 Report A TOTAL of 24 incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in August 2015. Of these, 22 were actual incidents and two were attempted incidents. No piracy incide [...]
September 9, 2015
British High Commissioner to Seychelles Accredited THE new British High Commissioner to Seychelles, Ms. Caron Röhsler, presented her credentials to President James Michel at State House this morning. The President and the High Commissioner discussed [...]
September 2, 2015
8 Somalis Convicted of Piracy Released by Seychelles Court of Appeal THE Seychelles Court of Appeal has freed eight Somalis who had been convicted for piracy. The Somalis were declared free on Friday morning as verdict was delivered in seven criminal and [...]
August 31, 2015
Piracy or Not, Danger Exists; A SE Asia Problem SOUTHEAST Asia piracy and robbery at sea are rising once again, but not according to some regional States. Much has been written, commented and spleens vented on the topic of the increase in piracy and arme [...]
August 31, 2015
Mancham to Take Part in COMESA Retreat of the Elders and the Wise in Angola SEYCHELLES’ founding President James R. Mancham will be leaving Seychelles on Sunday September 6, 2015 to attend the Third Retreat of the Pan-African Network of the Wise (Pa [...]
August 29, 2015
Turkey Assumes Command of CTF 151 from Japan ON 27 August 2015 command of Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151) passed from the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force under the command of Rear Admiral Hiroshi Ito to Captain Ayhan Bay of the Turkish Navy, w [...]
August 28, 2015
Iranian Hostages Escape from Somali Pirate Gangs ON August 27, 2015, the Jaber, an Iranian fishing dhow, and its crew members managed to slip its mooring and escape from the hands of Somali pirates. The Jaber was briefly pursued by the pirates befo [...]
August 21, 2015
Kreol Magazine Highlights Mancham's International & Local Performance as He Speaks About 'La Creolisation' in the Future World THE RECENT issue of International Kreol Magazine, which is published in London to promote the Creole phenomena worldwid [...]
August 21, 2015
CGPCS Chairmanship Handover to Seychelles 2016 A communiqué released 8 July 2015 at the 18th Plenary Session of the Contact Group on Piracy off the coast of Somalia endorsed the Seychelles to take over the Chair of the Contact Group from  [...]
August 17, 2015
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP July 2015 Report ReCAAP ISC reports a decline in the number of piracy and robbery at sea incidents in Asia for July 2015, a 38% decrease on July 2014. A total of 10 incidents of armed robbery agai [...]
August 12, 2015
CTF 151 & Multinational Partners Conduct Joint Maritime Operation in HoA COMBINED Task Force (CTF) 151 has conducted a joint operation with partners from across the international community, both military and non-military, aimed at encouraging the mari [...]
August 10, 2015
UPDATE: Fishing Vessel Run Aground on Somali Coast; Crew Rescued, Repatriated & Investigation Ongoing YEMEN-registered fishing vessel, Al Amal, was wrecked on the coast of Somalia, south of the former pirate stronghold of Eyl on the night of August 5, [...]
August 7, 2015
MANCHAM - "Seychelles Should Assist and Encourage Acceptable Tourism Development Within the Chagos Archipelago" SEYCHELLES' founding President Sir James R. Mancham, KBE has commented on the article which appeared in the UK newspaper "The Guardian" on 5 Au [...]
August 7, 2015
Somali Coast Guard Cadets Receive Course in the Role of Civilian Police Organized by the EU ON August 6, a twelve week Basic Training Course for the Somali Coast Guard organized in Mogadishu by EUCAP Nestor in cooperation with EUTM Somalia and the partici [...]
August 6, 2015
Large-scale Investigation Into Illegal Entry of Migrants and Theft of Goods by Greek Nationals in Samos AFTER several days of operation involving domestic resources and staff, as well as Latvian helicopter operating in the region within the Joint Undertak [...]
August 5, 2015
European Union Responds to Mancham's Allegation at World Ocean Summit Concerning IUU Fishing off Africa DURING the course and furtherence of the World Ocean Summit in June 2015, hosted by The Economist in association with the National Geographic in Cascai [...]
August 5, 2015
British High Commissioner Lindsay Skoll Bids Farewell THE British High Commissioner to Seychelles, H.E. Mrs. Lindsay Skoll paid a farewell call on President James Michel at State House this morning following a three year tenure in Seychelles. Presid [...]
July 27, 2015
Mancham Speaks About Peace of Mind and Cultural Diplomacy at End of London Summit IN his concluding remarks at the international symposium on Cultural Diplomacy that was held in the House of Lords in London this week hosted by the Institute of Cultural Di [...]
July 24, 2015
EUCAP Nestor and Somali Prosecutors Train Coast Guards THIS week EUCAP Nestor again took up the training of 29 members of the Somali Coast Guard in Jazeera Training Camp in Mogadishu after Ramadan. The training is a joint venture between the maritime [...]
July 23, 2015
Mancham Specially Honoured and Recognised for Unique Role in Diplomacy & World Peace Seychelles' founding President Sir James R. Mancham was this morning (Tuesday 23rd July) presented with "The award for distinguished contributions to the field o [...]
July 22, 2015
IMB & ReCAAP ISC Release 2015 Half-Yearly Reports on Piracy & Armed Robbery At Sea IN a rare case of coincidence, both IMB and ReCAAP ISC release their half-yearly reports on Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships both globally and in the Asia reg [...]
July 15, 2015
Mancham's Plea to World Leaders, "Support Diplomacy and Not War" FOLLOWING the historic agreement between the world powers and Iran on limiting Iranian nuclear activities in return for the lifting of international economic sanctions - Seychelles' founding [...]
July 14, 2015
UNODC Counts on Seychelles Support to Combat Drug Trafficking on the High Seas THE United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) is looking at other opportunities to engage with Seychelles now that there is a decline in piracy off the Horn of Africa.  [...]
July 11, 2015
Seychelles Set to Take Chairmanship of CGPCS in 2016 THE Republic of Seychelles has played a key role in ensuring maritime safety and bringing an end to the scourge of Somali based piracy. Seychelles has been an active member of the Contact Group on Pira [...]
July 9, 2015
Prisoner Survey - International Naval Presence as the Primary Deterrent to Pirates  New York, 7 July 2015: UNODC and OBP jointly conducted an informal survey of 66 Somali inmates accused of piracy in Hargesia prison in Somaliland, Bosasso Prison in P [...]
July 7, 2015
Cultural Diplomacy Within the Commonwealth SEYCHELLES FOUNDING President James R. Mancham has accepted the invitation of the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy to deliver a keynote address at an international symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonweal [...]
July 2, 2015
Heads of Navies Meet for SEA SENSE 2015 Global Maritime Security Conference TODAY more than 160 NATO and partner nation military and civilian leaders are gathering in London for the two day NATO Maritime Commanders’ Meeting (MARCOMET) to discuss cur [...]
July 2, 2015
Sailors’ Society Launches Crisis Response Centre to Support Seafarers Affected by Piracy  DURBAN-based facility will provide 24-hour rapid response and trauma counselling for survivors of piracy attacks and other disasters at sea July 1, 2015. [...]
June 30, 2015
Migrant Search and Rescue in the Mediterranean Sea - Medecins Sans Frontieres EVERY year, thousands of people fleeing violence, insecurity, and persecution at home attempt a treacherous journey via North Africa and across the Mediterranean to reach Europe [...]
June 30, 2015
Global Collaboration For All Small Island States Is Imperative [Seychelles] ON this occasion of our National Day I would like to applaud President James Michel’s initiative in inviting the President of the Republic of Palau, His Excellency Mr Tommy  [...]
June 28, 2015
Maritime Piracy: "Africa Must Develop Its Own Security Architecture" GATHERED on Thursday, June 25, around Admiral Bernard Rogel, Chief of Staff of the French Navy in Brest, where the operational authority of the Navy is based, several senior military off [...]
June 27, 2015
International Maritime Community Works Together to Counter Piracy at SHADE REPRESENTATIVES of the international maritime community met in Bahrain on Tuesday to discuss counter-piracy efforts at the 36th SHADE conference. The Shared Awareness &a [...]
June 25, 2015
Day of the Seafarer - Remembering Hostages, Past & Present Between 2000 and 2013, 2,919 seafarers were held hostage by Somali pirates in inhumane conditions, in some instances for years. On this Day of the Seafarers, we should remember those who have  [...]
June 24, 2015
Australian Frigate Seizes Over $1 Billion in Narcotics off East Africa Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Newcastle patrolling with the Combined Maritime Forces in the Middle East region has seized another 581kg of illegal narcotics with an estimated stre [...]
June 19, 2015
Hijack Tanker Safe; Suspect Pirates Arrested After Lifeboat Escape REPORTED missing days after a sister ship was hijacked in close proximity, Orkim Harmony, a Malaysia-flagged oil product tanker, was confirmed as hijacked which then saw a huge search miss [...]
June 17, 2015
CTF 150 Seizes 981kg, $625M Heroin Haul off East Africa AFTER several weeks of coordinated effort, Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, under the leadership of Captain Crignola, French Navy, has seized 981kg of highly purified heroin from drug smugglers off the [...]
June 15, 2015
EUCAP Nestor Provides Prosecutor Training at Regional Conference in Djibouti FROM June 14 to 15th, EUCAP Nestor organized the Fourth Regional Conference for Prosecutors dealing with piracy and other maritime crime. The event was held in Djibouti and was c [...]
June 14, 2015
ReCAAP Piracy & Robbery Against Ships in Asia - May 2015 Report ReCAAP ISC, in its latest reports, states that in May 2015, a total of 20 incidents were reported in Asia, of which two were acts of piracy and 18 were incidents of robbery onboard ship.  [...]
June 12, 2015
Malaysian Gas Carrier, Teknogas, Reported Safe After Distress Signal MALAYSIA-flagged LPG tanker, Teknogas, was reported missing off Vietnam is reported safe and unloading cargo in Indonesian port. Talking to Online Reporter UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION, the [...]
June 11, 2015
Oceans Beyond Piracy 5th State of Maritime Piracy Report IN its fifth State of Maritime Piracy Report, Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) analyzes the impacts of this crime during 2014 in the Western Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Guinea and, for the first t [...]
June 9, 2015
Update: MT Orkim Victory Hijack & Fuel Siphon off Malaysia ON 4 June at about 0010 hrs LT, more than eight perpetrators boarded the Malaysia-registered oil product tanker, Orkim Victory from a speed boat when the vessel was en route to Kuantan port, M [...]
June 8, 2015
Mancham Raises Seychelles’ Profile at World Ocean Summit  THE profile of Seychelles ran high on the opening day of the World Ocean Summit on Thursday 4th June, 2015 following three interventions from Sir James R. Mancham, founding President of  [...]
May 26, 2015
How Does the Migrants At Sea Issue Impact Seafarers Following SAR Ops? The issue of migrants at sea continues to grab world headlines, in order to shed light upon the effect that migrant rescues have on commercial ships a survey is being compiled. This t [...]
May 22, 2015
Mancham Specially Honoured by Mandela Rhodes Foundation (Cape Town) - SEYCHELLES founding President, James R. Mancham and his wife, Catherine, were exceptionally honoured yesterday (Thursday, 21st May) when they were received for morning tea at the Cape T [...]
May 22, 2015
Capacity Building Workshop Held in Seychelles to Respond to Threats of CBRN THE DIVISION of Disaster and Risk Management (DRDM), in collaboration with the European Union (EU) Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Centres of Excellence, and t [...]
May 20, 2015
Ireland Deploys a Ship in the Mediterranean THE flagship of the Irish navy has sailed in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea to support Italian search and rescue operations. The Irish Navy patrol ship, L.É. EITHNE, (P-31) departed from its base [...]
May 16, 2015
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia ReCAAP ISC has issued its April 2015 report stating that 17 incidents took place with an increase on incidents over the same period 2011 to 2014. Of the 17 incidents reported in April 2015, two were piracy [...]
May 16, 2015
Mancham to Attend Chinese Entrepreneurship Forum in Shanghai Following Mandela Washington Fellowship Conference in Johannesburg IT IS announced from the office of Seychelles founding president James R Mancham that Mr Mancham has accepted an invitation fro [...]
May 13, 2015
Mancham Guest of Honour at the Mandela Washington Southern Africa Fellowship Conference The office of founding President James R. Mancham has confirmed that the former [Seychelles[ President has accepted an invitation of the Mandela Washington Fellowship  [...]
May 13, 2015
Operations Chief Could Soon to be Appointed for EUNAVFOR Med (BRUXELLES2 - Exclusive) - THE operation EUNAVFOR Med will soon be equipped with an operations head. According to the operational logic, the Italian HQ in Rome, having been proposed that an [...]
May 11, 2015
Three Bourbon Crew Members Released After Being Kidnapped in Nigeria in April Three Nigerian crew abducted in Nigeria on April 8 have been released a month later, says Bourbon Offshore. The French offshore marine company, BOURBON, in a short statem [...]
May 11, 2015
MSF Reinforces Its Search And Rescue Operation the Mediterranean Sea MEDECINS SANS Frontieres launched, on Saturday May 9th, a second boat for search and rescue in the Mediterranean Sea in order to help those who risk their lives in a desperate attempt to [...]
May 8, 2015
ReCAAP Executive Director's Message Regarding the Piracy and Armed Robbery Situation in Asia FOLLOWING coverage by some recent media reports, the ReCAAP ISC Executive Director has released a statement in response to the fears and criticims raised through  [...]
May 4, 2015
"Trust is Essential for a New World Order," Mancham Declares at Historic Global Forum  IN 2014 Henry Kissinger, who was US Secretary of State (1973-1977), defined World Order as "a set of commonly accepted rules that defined the limit of permissible  [...]
May 4, 2015
Skipper's Tale of Violent Attack on Cruising Couple, Haiti THE HARROWING story of the violent attack on a cruising couple while at rest at Petit Port a Pimien which is located on the south side of the Northern Peninsula of Haiti, close to the city of Gona [...]
April 27, 2015
Seychelles Assumes Chairmanship of Eastern Africa Defence Security Policy Organ THE POLICY Organ Meeting of the Eastern Africa Standby Force was held in Khartoum, Republic of Sudan from the 20 to 25 April 2015.  This meeting was convened to disc [...]
April 26, 2015
Seychelles Minister Morgan meets Australian High Commissioner to Explore Fields of Greater Cooperation and a Unified Approach of the Blue Economy TODAY THE Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport, Mr Joël Morgan met with Australian [...]
April 26, 2015
Combined Maritime Forces Chairs the 35th SHADE Counter-Piracy Conference by Combined Maritime Forces THE 35th SHADE conference convened in Bahrain to discuss counter-piracy efforts on Apr 1. This unique gathering, held quarterly allowed over 120 rep [...]
April 23, 2015
ReCAAP Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - 2015 1st Quarter Report OVERALL NUMBER of incidents reported during January-March of 2015 in Asia has increased to 38 from the lowest of 29 incidents reported during the same period in 2013,  [...]
April 22, 2015
Seychelles Islands Foundation Congratulates Sir James For Aldabra's Speech THE OFFICE of founding President James R. Mancham has this morning (Tuesday 22nd April), released a copy of the following letter from Dr. Frauke Fleischer-Dogley, Chief Executive O [...]
April 20, 2015
Breathtaking Pictures from Migrant Boat Wreck off Rhodes It doesn't fit in the human mind that in one of the most central beaches of Rhodes was this morning disturbed by the approach of a ship carrying at least 90 migrants, which then became wrecked on a  [...]
April 20, 2015
Seychelles and India Set for Greater People to People Exchanges with Visa Waiver Programme (MHAT Seychelles) - DURING HIS recent visit to Seychelles, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  announced that Seychelles will soon be included in the [...]
April 20, 2015
Luxurious Cruise Ship National Geographic Orion in Seychelles Waters “Seychelles and Aldabra in the context of global geopolitics” was the title of the address which Seychelles’ founding President Sir James Mancham delivered to 120 privi [...]
April 13, 2015
Three Crewmembers of Bourbon Boat, Surfer 1440, Kidnapped off Nigeria Bourbon Offshore confirmed that three crewmembers were kidnapped from a crewboat off the coast of Nigeria. Bourbon said in a press release that the three were kidnapped from the Surfer [...]
April 13, 2015
Search and Rescue Exercise Off St Anne Island (Seychelles Nation) - SEYCHELLES COAST Guard, Seychelles Air Force, Seychelles Civil  Aviation Authority, EUCAP Nestor and EU Navfor exercise search and rescue of a ditched plane in the Indian Ocean. [...]
April 10, 2015
Seychelles Supreme Court Annexe at Ile du Port Officially Opens (Seychelles Nation) - The Supreme Court annexe building which will be served mostly to hear piracy and maritime crime cases was officially opened yesterday afternoon in the Seychelles. The [...]
April 7, 2015
Somali Pirates Sentenced in Dutch Court The Court of The Hague has sentenced a Somali man to six years in prison for firing weapons on a Dutch navy team. The court considered it proven that he - and others - shot a gun at Dutch navy personnel during the  [...]
April 6, 2015
WANTED: Brave Chefs to Volunteer on Life-Saving Mission in the Mediterranean Sea WANTED: Great chefs to brave the Mediterranean waters in exchange for an extraordinary life-saving adventure. Involves long hours of preparation as well as ad hoc search and  [...]
April 1, 2015
President Michel Congratulates President Buhari Following Election Win in Nigeria ON BEHALF of the Government and people of Seychelles, President James Michel congratulated newly elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buha [...]
March 30, 2015
14th Meeting of COMESA Ministers of Foreign Affairs - Piracy in the Indian Ocean - Seychelles Commended SEYCHELLES WAS once more commended for its role in the fight against Piracy in the Indian Ocean during the COMESA Foreign Affairs Ministers meetin [...]
March 29, 2015
Peacemaking versus Peacekeeping OVER THE last 10 years, Sir James R. Mancham, founding President of the Republic of Seychelles, has been making it his mission to advocate that more money be spent on peace-making (education and human resources development) [...]
March 29, 2015
Sir James Mancham Re-elected to COMESA  THE GOVERNMENT of Seychelles has offered its deep-felt congratulations to former President Sir James Mancham, following his re-election for a second term as a member of the Common Market for Eastern and Souther [...]
March 27, 2015
Nigeria’s Maritime Sector and the Elections Port2Port West Africa’s Managing Director, Bola Adefehinti, looks at the upcoming elections, and what they might mean for the maritime sector. The Nigerian elections are taking place against a backd [...]
March 25, 2015
International Statesman, Sir James Mancham, Recognised for Global Peacemaking Efforts SEYCHELLES FOUNDING President James R. Mancham's stature as an international statesman received further recognition on Monday 23rd March 2015 when he got an invitation f [...]
March 20, 2015
Italy Announces Is To End Participation in NATO Counter Piracy Missions ITALY WILL no longer participate in NATO counter piracy operations or to embark on missions to protect merchant ships from attack, reported the Italian Defence Minister, Roberta Pinot [...]
March 20, 2015
Mancham Joins Campaign Urging US Senate to Reauthorise the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)  IT IS announced from Glacis-sur-Mer that Seychelles' founding President James R. Mancham has agreed to join the AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity [...]
March 17, 2015
9 Pirates Sentenced Up to 14 years For Attempted Hijack Danish Tanker in 2013 DENMARK FAILED to prosecute nine pirates for an attack on the Danish-flagged tanker Torm Kansas and ordered to pay the pirates 20,000 Danish crowns (approx $3,247) in damages. T [...]
March 13, 2015
ReCAAP Feb 2015 Report; Lowest Feb Incidents in 5 Years ReCAAP ISC reports a total of 11 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia in February 2015. Amongst these, one was an incident of piracy and 10 were armed robberies against ships.  [...]
March 13, 2015
EUCAP Nestor Organizes ‘Change Management’ Workshop for the Somaliland Coast Guard ON 10-11 March EUCAP Nestor organised a workshop for the Somaliland Coast Guard on ‘Change Management’. The activity, attended by twenty young perso [...]
March 12, 2015
EUCAP Nestor Organizes Workshops for Prosecutors, Judges and Investigators in Hargeisa ON 9 and 10 March, seven judges, seven prosecutors and twelve investigators from Hargeisa and coastal areas of Somaliland participated in workshops organized by EUCAP N [...]
March 4, 2015
10 Migrants Dead as Boat Capsizes, Nearly 1,000 Rescued in Sicilian Channel IN TOTAL, 941 migrants were rescued in the Sicilian Channel by the Italian Coast Guard on Tuesday 3 March. Among the various operations coordinated by the National Rescue Cen [...]
March 4, 2015
SNMG2 Begins Operations in the Black Sea NATO ships assigned to Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) arrived today in the Black Sea to operate and train with ships from the Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish Navies. This training will include simulated a [...]
March 4, 2015
After Operation ATALANTA  Rear Admiral Jonas Haggren of the Swedish Royal Navy, the new Force Commander for the EU's Op Atalanta Task Force, writes in his marine blog: After months of preparation the day came when I had the great honor to take comma [...]
March 1, 2015
Release of the Longest Held Hostages in Somalia’s History Taken hostage at sea by Somali pirates on the 18 April 2010, the four remaining crewman of the FV Prantalay 12 vessel were finally released on 25 February by their captors into the hands of t [...]
February 27, 2015
Thai Crew of Prantalay 12 Released From Captivity in Somalia MPHRP has welcomed the news that after 4 years, 10 months and 9 days held in captivity by Somali pirates the four Thai crew of the fishing vessel Prantalay 12 have been released and are on their [...]
February 25, 2015
Dutch Yachtsman Murdered Off Sao Luis, Brazil Coast A Dutchman, identified as Ronald Francois Wolbeek, 60, from Edam, Holland, was fatally shot in the chest in the early hours on Sunday, 15 Feb near the Yacht Club of Sao Luis, off Maranhao coast, Northeas [...]
February 23, 2015
UPDATE: Hijacked Tanker Found; Run Aground in Philippines The North Sulawesi Police are currently investigating the hijacking of a ship transporting 700 kiloliters of diesel while it was en route from Bitung, North Sulawesi, to Halmahera, North Maluku. Sh [...]
February 23, 2015
The World in Seychelles The World, a spectacular cruise ship owned by the residents who travel on it, is scheduled to stop in Seychelles this week (from February 26-28). It will first dock on Mahé where the residents will be invited to join in  [...]
February 17, 2015
Tanker Hijack, Fuel Siphoned & IED Threat in Malacca Strait ON 12 Feb, a Thailand-registered product tanker, Lapin, departed Singapore for Krabi province, Thailand. The vessel with 15 crew was laden with 2,000 tons of bunker oil when it was boarded an [...]
February 16, 2015
Belgian Frigate Against West Africa Piracy THE WARSHIP Leopold I, a Karel Doorman-class frigate and flagship of the Belgian Navy, set sail on Tuesday from its base in Zeebrugge. The ship and its crew last year were part of the European Union's O [...]
February 13, 2015
Search and Rescue Charity Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) Launches Urgent Fundraising Appeal to Expand Operations After Latest Lampedusa Tragedy Highlights: - With reduced EU presence and a surge in migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea, 2015 is ex [...]
February 13, 2015
Account of Chinese Fishing Vessel Hijacked off Ghana, More Crew Deaths DRAMA UNFOLDED at the Tema Fishing Harbour last week Thursday, when the media exposed Chinese owners of a fishing vessel, FV Lu Rong Yuan Yu 917, which was recently seized by pirates i [...]
February 13, 2015
ReCAAP January 2015 Report; Decrease in Piracy Incidents IN ITS latest report, RECAAP ISC states that a total of 10 incidents of robbery onboard ships were reported in Asia in January 2015. No piracy incidents were reported. There has been a continuous de [...]
February 11, 2015
Lampedusa Tragedy Marks Start of Deadly 2015  - MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) rescued 3000 migrants in 2014  - The Mediterranean Sea is the deadliest border crossing in the world - With reduced presence in 2015 by the EU’s Fro [...]
February 10, 2015
EUCAP Nestor donates equipment to Seychelles authorities to increase Maritime Safety and Security ON TUESDAY, 10 February, EUCAP Nestor Head of Country Office, Bo Holtse officially handed over equipment to the Chief Justice Office, the Seychelles Fishing  [...]
February 6, 2015
Mancham Adds Voice to Call For End of Female Genital Mutilation Former President James R. Mancham, in his capacity as a councillor of the World Future Council has joined other councillors and ambassadors on the eve of the International Day of Zero Toleran [...]
February 4, 2015
Togolese Navy Intervenes Against Pirates' Attack The Togolese Navy, on Sunday 1 Feb, rescued 24 Ghanaian and Chinese sailors whose boat was attacked by pirates in international waters, said the Togolese maritime prefecture. At the request of the Ghanaian [...]
February 3, 2015
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships Increased in Asia in 2014, ReCAAP Annual Report In the latest annual report for 2014 by ReCAAP ISC, it is stated that there has been an increase in the number of piracy and armed robbery against ships incidents in  [...]
January 30, 2015
Suspect Hijacked Tanker Rescued by Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency In one of the swiftest operations to counter piracy in SE Asia, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) were praised for their immediate response to rescue a chemical tanker [...]
January 27, 2015
Mancham Joins Editorial Board of Prestigious World Peace Journal 26-January-2015  IT IS announced from Glacis sur Mer that Seychelles’ founding President James R. Mancham has been invited to join the editorial board of the International Jour [...]
January 22, 2015
Seychelles Police to Get Training & Capacity Building From India AN AGREEMENT was signed yesterday for the Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPRD) of India to provide training and capacity building to the Seychelles police force i [...]
January 21, 2015
MPHRP: Violent Crime Against Seafarers Complacency and simple acts of humanitarian support; the MPHRP highlights the hardship inflicted upon seafarers and families. Responding to recent articles and reports on current levels of maritime piracy intentiona [...]
January 13, 2015
UNODC Maritime Crime Programme MARITIME CRIME poses a serious threat to the safety of seafarers, international trade and regional stability. As over 90% of global trade is carried out by sea, the economic effects of maritime crime can be crippling. U [...]
January 12, 2015
Special Report on Siphoning of Ship Fuel/Oil at Sea in Asia - Part II IN THE second part of a Special Report on "incidents of Siphoning of Ship Fuel/Oil at Sea in Asia', ReCAAP ISC provides an update on the escalation in the frequency of siphoning of sh [...]
January 8, 2015
Joint Counter-Piracy Exercise Held in Seychelles A COUNTER-PIRACY exercise was carried out jointly by the Seychelles Coast Guard, Air Force and Police together with the EU Naval Force Somalia – Operation Atalanta - and the EU’s civilian mariti [...]
December 30, 2014
Sea Eagle Task Force to Fight Strait of Malacca Piracy COMMANDER OF the Western Fleet Command Indonesia Navy, Admiral Widodo Young states he has now formed a special team called the Sea Eagle joint task force. This special team will be placed specifi [...]
December 19, 2014
Seychelles, Japan Sign Pirate Transfer Agreement A MEMORANDUM of understanding (MoU) between Japan and Seychelles covering the conditions of transfer of suspected pirates and seized property, was signed on Thursday in Indian Ocean island nation’s Po [...]
December 16, 2014
Seychelles Court of Appeal Acquits 3 Suspected Somali Pirates Convicted of Piracy THE SEYCHELLES Court of Appeal has acquitted and ordered the repatriation of 3 Somali pirates back to their homeland. The highest court in the  [...]
December 11, 2014
Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - November 2014 ReCAAP Report ACCORDING TO the latest report by ReCAAP ISC, a total of 20 incidents were reported in November 2014 in Asia, consistent with October 2014. However, of the 20 incidents, three we [...]
December 11, 2014
Second Case of Pirate Compensation Draws Bitter Criticism ADDING INSULT to injury as another decision of the European Court of Human Rights is even more repugnant and insulting to all Seafarers who have survived piracy atacks, says MPHRP. Close on the ne [...]
December 8, 2014
MPHRP Saddened By The Death of Another Seafarer As a Victim of Piracy THE MARITIME Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) has responded to the latest pirate attack as a Vietnam bitumen tanker has been attacked and a crew member murdered. A Tanker [...]
December 8, 2014
EU Court Decision to Compensate Pirates is "An Insult To All In The Maritime Industry," MPHRP IN A stinging indictment of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in ordering the French government to pay thousands of euros in compensation to Som [...]
December 8, 2014
Crew Member Dies From Injuries After Vietnamese Tanker Boarded by Pirates FOR THE first time since 2009, a crew member has died as a result of pirates boarding a 3118 gwt tanker underway in the South China Sea, reports ReCAAP ISC, the Asia regional p [...]
December 6, 2014
EUCAP Nestor Head of Mission Visits Seychelles for End of Basic Training Course and High Officials Meetings ON 4 and 5 December, EUCAP Nestor Head of Mission, Etienne de Poncins, visited EUCAP Nestor’s Country Office in the Seychelles. During his vi [...]
November 28, 2014
Hijacked Indonesian Tanker Found, Repainted, Eight Arrested ON 9 October, around 0600 local time (LT), the Indonesia-registered product tanker, Srikandi 515, was boarded by perpetrators in Sampit waters, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, reports ReCAAP  [...]
November 27, 2014
New Zealand-led CTF-151 Coordinates Successful International Search and Rescue Operation EIGHT SAILORS who abandoned their sinking ship have been safely plucked from the sea following a 30 hour search involving two international organisations and six [...]
November 24, 2014
EUCAP Nestor Deploys in Mogadishu AS FROM today, November 24th, EUCAP Nestor maritime, legal and police experts are permanently deployed in Mogadishu. The Mission operational base is located in Mogadishu International Airport (MIA). This is the second  [...]
November 13, 2014
Yemeni Coast Guard, Royal Saudi & US Navy Join in Pakistan-Led Maritime Anti-Terrorism Focused Operation by Combined Maritime Forces NAVAL SHIPS from Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United States have taken part in an exercise under the Command of C [...]
November 12, 2014
Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - October 2014 ReCAAP Report ReCAAP ISC states there has been an increase in the number of incidents reported in October 2014 (18) in Asia, the bulk of which were petty thefts (60%). A total of 18 incidents  [...]
November 12, 2014
Damage Control Equipment and Training for Djibouti Navy   IN A ceremony on 6 November, EUCAP Nestor Head of Mission, Etienne de Poncins, handed over “Damage Control Equipment” for fire and flood handling to Colonel Cher, the Commande [...]
November 3, 2014
Seychelles Minister Morgan Pleased with 4th Anti-Piracy Conference in Dubai Results MINISTER Joël Morgan, Minster for Home Affairs and Transport, has returned to the Seychelles with his delegation following successful meetings at the just completed a [...]
October 23, 2014
EUCAP Nestor Trains, Mentors Somaliland Coast Guard Young Officers ON 21 October, the European Union’s Maritime Capacity Building Mission in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean (EUCAP Nestor) celebrated the successful completion of a two mon [...]
October 20, 2014
Superintendent Maxime Tirant, Seychelles Prison Service, Visited Somalia as Part of the IMC In a recent visit to Somalia Mr Maxime Tirant, Superintendent of the Seychelles Prisons, visited the UNODC-mentored prisons in Garowe (Puntland) and Hargeysa (Soma [...]
October 17, 2014
EUCAP Nestor Launches Second Basic Maritime Training Course for Seychelles Coast Guard ON 16 October, 21 new personnel were received by LtCol Simon Dine, Commanding officer of the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG), to commence their basic maritime training. Th [...]
October 13, 2014
EU Naval Force Supports EUCAP Nestor-Led Training Course for Somali Coast Guard and Port Police in Djibouti ON 8 October, Somali Coast Guard and Port Police Forces participating in a training course held by EUCAP Nestor in Djibouti had the opportunity to  [...]
October 13, 2014
ReCAAP ISC Summary of Q3 Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships ReCAAP ISC reports there has been significant change of the trend in terms of the number of incidents within the nine-month period from January to September 2014 with a 33% decrease in the  [...]
October 10, 2014
Vietnamese Tanker Captain Tells of Harrowing Pirate Ordeal The Vietnamese diesel tanker crew that was taken by masked pirates off the coast of Singapore believe the men were Indonesians.A Thanh Nien reporter reached Captain Nguyen Quyet Thang of the Sun [...]
October 3, 2014
UNSOM Somali Police Force Training More than 30 officers of the Somali Police Force completed training tailored to boost their skills and knowledge. The two-week long comprehensive training targeted the Professional Standards Unit of the SPF and covere [...]
September 24, 2014
Seafarer Welfare Discussed as Piracy-Related Violence Increases off West Africa A JOINT forum, organised by Oceans Beyond Piracy and the International Maritime Bureau, to discuss the human cost of West African maritime crime was held on September 23rd at  [...]
September 16, 2014
Delegates Meet in Bahrain to Discuss International Counter-Piracy Efforts REPRESENTATIVES FROM around the world have come together in Bahrain to discuss the ongoing fight to counter the piracy threat to shipping posed by criminal gangs from Somalia.  [...]
September 12, 2014
To Stop Impunity on High Seas, Drug Traffickers Must Be Prosecuted, Says UNODC Chief UNODC hosted a special event to discuss the rise of the maritime southern route for narcotics trafficking and the prosecution of drug traffickers caught in international  [...]
September 11, 2014
Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships At Sea in Asia - ReCAAP August 2014 Report ReCAAP ISC report that the situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia continues to improve in August 2014 with a total of 11 incidents. Of those 11 inciden [...]
September 9, 2014
Danish-Seychellois Meeting Prior to Trial of Suspected Pirates   Prior to the trial of nine suspected pirates in the Seychelles courts, a meeting was held between the head of a regional organization to combat piracy and the Danish comma [...]
September 5, 2014
Somaliland Coast Guard Training by EUCAP Nestor EUCAP Nestor Somalia Office Maritime and legal experts conducted mission activities in Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa and the city of Berbera 25 to 30 August. Maritime In the framework of the Mentorin [...]
August 29, 2014
Local Maritime Capacity Building Training for Seychelles Coast Guard & Air Force During FGS Berlin Visit ON AUGUST 25/26, two Local Maritime Capacity Building (LCMB) activities have taken place during FGS Berlin port visit to the Seychelles. L [...]
August 25, 2014
EUCAP Nestor Head of Mission Visited Seychelles for Closing Ceremonies and High Officials Meetings EUCAP Nestor’s Headquarters in the Seychelles welcomed the Head of Mission Etienne de Poncins ahead of the closing ceremonies of the training that wer [...]
August 21, 2014
Seychelles Govt Welcomes Arrest of Somali Pirate Chief; Step Ensures Security in the Region THE Seychelles government has commended the effort of the Somali government following the arrest of one of Somalia’s most notorious pirate chiefs, Mohamed Ga [...]
August 19, 2014
Two French Yachtsmen Rescued in Pirate Waters, Twice TUESDAY, August 12, while on counter piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden, the flagship of EU NAVFOR Atalanta - Italian frigate Andrea Doria - assisted a French yacht with two crew in distress.  [...]
August 14, 2014
Empowering Seychelles Police Women FEMALE officers of Seychelles Police have learned how to build solid contacts and networks and share ideas in a supported environment, which took place through a workshop held yesterday under the theme ‘Raisin [...]
August 13, 2014
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP July 2014 ACCORDING TO ReCAAP ISC, the number of incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia has decreased from 21 incidents reported in June 2014 to 14 incidents in July 2014. The [...]
August 9, 2014
UN Seeking Release of Four Thai Crew Held by Somali Pirates for Over 4 Years CREW MEMBERS of the Taiwanese fishing vessel, Prantalay 12, have been held by Somali pirates since 18 April 2010. Of the original 25 crew, six died when the ship capsized in July [...]
July 29, 2014
Mariners’ Safety Gets Big Boost with Navtex Fitted in Seychelles SEYCHELLES has become the second island nation in the Western Indian Ocean to have a Navtex (navigational telex) broadcasting station. Navtex is an international automated medium fre [...]
July 29, 2014
US Navy Rescues Nine Crew in the Gulf of Oman USNS Richard E. Byrd (T-AKE 4), a Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ship, rescued nine crew members from a Yemeni-flagged cargo vessel that had lost power, was taking on water and was adrift in the Gulf of Oman, [...]
July 28, 2014
32-year-old Seychelles Patrol Ship, Andromache, Heads to Sri Lanka for Major Refit By: Sharon Uranie (Seychelles News Agency) - THE Seychelles Coast Guard will be short of one of the archipelago’s main patrol vessels engaged in the protec [...]
July 24, 2014
ReCAAP Special Report on Incidents of Siphoning of Fuel/Oil at Sea in Asia THE TREND of incidents involving siphoning of fuel/oil from product and oil tankers at sea is not new. Statistics for Jan - Jul of 2014 reveal that the occurrence of such incident [...]
July 23, 2014
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP Half Yearly Report 2014 A TOTAL of 73 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia during January-June 2014, of which 18 were piracy incidents and 55 were armed robberi [...]
July 22, 2014
EUCAP Nestor Extended to December 2016 THE COUNCIL today extended the mandate of the EU mission on regional maritime capacity building in the Horn of Africa (EUCAP Nestor) until 12 December 2016. This civilian mission forms part of the EU's comprehensive [...]
July 19, 2014
Covering 5 - 11 July 2014 No. 28/14 Militants abscond with ship crew; SE Asia tanker hijack confirmed ; Road building to combat piracy; Suspect pirates handed to Interpol - Somali militant group, Al-Shabaab, have reportedly absconded wi [...]
July 18, 2014
Seamanship Training for MPPU and Criminal Investigation Training for SCG Concludes TODAY [18 July], the EU’s maritime capacity building mission in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean, EUCAP Nestor, celebrated together with its Seychelles par [...]
July 16, 2014
Armed Robbery At Sea Strikes in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago AN ARMED robbery occurred on board the Panama-flagged LNG Tanker, Virgo Gas, on 28 June 2014 at 2200 hours LT around two and half nautical miles off the Port of Spain docks in the Port o [...]
July 15, 2014
First Basic Training Course for Seychelles Air Force Commences ON MONDAY 14 July, the first basic training for Seychelles Air Force (SAF) started in the SAF facility at the Mahe’ Airport with assistance from EUCAP Nestor Surveillance Aerial Maritime [...]
July 12, 2014
Covering 28 June - 4 July 2014 No. 27/14 Indonesian Ghost Pirate Ship; Ghana picks up attacked ships; Pirate prison near closure; S Korean CG officials arrested  An Indonesian tanker has been found drifting in the South China  [...]
July 10, 2014
Covering 21 - 27 June 2014 No. 26/14 Somali Piracy is Over; US Office - Counter piracy not assessed; EU Council endorsement of strategy; Kidnap, torture, release, book then film - A French Gener [...]
July 9, 2014
UPDATED: Product Tanker Hijacked in South China Sea for Fuel Cargo; Second Boarding in Less Than A Year HONDURAS-FLAGGED, Singapore-operated product tanker, Moresby 9, was boarded and hijacked by nine armed pirates at about 2015 LT, 4 July, approximately  [...]
July 9, 2014
Covering 21 - 27 June 2014 No. 25/14 Somali Piracy is Over; US Office - Counter piracy not assessed; EU Council endorsement of strategy; Kidnap, torture, release, book then film - A French General commanding French forces in the Southern Indian Oc [...]
July 2, 2014
Crewless Tanker Found in South China Sea, Piracy Ring Suspected Galuh Pusaka, a product tanker registered in Indonesia, has been found drifting with navigational lights and engine off in South China Sea. The vessel had neither crew nor cargo, but its gall [...]
July 2, 2014
EUCAP Nestor in the Seychelles EUCAP NESTOR HAS been operational in the Seychelles since January 2013. During this time, the EUCAP Nestor Country Office in the Seychelles has established itself as a key provider of capacity-building for local agencies wor [...]
July 1, 2014
Record Hash Seizure for Combined Task Force 150 FRESH FROM setting the record for the largest maritime heroin seizure, HMAS Darwin, operating in support of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150) has set another record in the fight against drug smuggling a [...]
July 1, 2014
Covering 7 - 13 June 2014 No. 24/14 Hostages escape to freedom; Hijack W Africa & SE Asia; China, Vietnam boat squabble; Syria like Somalia? Sewol ferry crew on trial - Eleven crew members of MV Albedo, held for 3 years and 7 months,  [...]
June 30, 2014
EUCAP Nestor to Begin 2-Week Training in the Investigation of Crime Scenes in Zanzibar EUCAP Nestor provides Crime scene investigation and evidence handling training to 16 officers of the Maritime Police of Zanzibar. ON 30 June, the European Union mariti [...]
June 29, 2014
Covering 31 May - 6 June 2014 No. 23/14 Greek tanker missing off Ghana; Thai tanker confirmed hijacked/released; Video Vietnamese boat sinking; Sewol ferry body found - Another tanker reported missing, this time off Ghana, believe [...]
June 23, 2014
The Work of UNODC Maritime Crime Programme THE UNODC Maritime Crime Programme has produced a March 2014 bulletin which focuses on the UNODC’s existing work in addressing maritime crime in East Africa and also launches a new programme in West Africa. [...]
June 22, 2014
Prosecuting Pirates: Lessons Learned and Continuing Challenges SINCE 2005, there has been growing consensus and frequently recurring calls in the international community for the leaders, financiers, and land-based facilitators of modern maritime piracy to [...]
June 20, 2014
Port State Measures Agreement, Ratifiy it Now and Stop Illegal Fishing ILLEGAL FISHING accounts for up to $23.5 billion worth of seafood per year, or one-in-five wild-caught marine fish. To get to market, all of those stolen fish must come through a port  [...]
June 19, 2014
Pakistan Passes Command of CTF-151 to the Republic of Korea by Combined Maritime Forces COMMODORE ALI Abbas of the Pakistan Navy has handed over command of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) counter-piracy operations in the Middle East to Rear Admir [...]
June 19, 2014
EUCAP Nestor and Somaliland Solidify Successful Partnership with Cooperation Agreement ON 18 June, the Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Behi Yonis, and EUCAP Nestor Head of Mission, Etienne de Poncins, signed an Agreement to set out the bas [...]
June 18, 2014
Pirates Evade Enforcement Agencies After Boarding Tanker in SE Asia ON 14 Jun 14, the ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre (ISC) issued an Incident Alert 05/2014 following a report from a shipping company that an unknown number of pirates had boarded the pro [...]
June 15, 2014
Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP May 2014 ACCORDING TO ReCAAP ISC, in May 2014, there were a total of 15 incidents reported. Although there has been an increase in the number of incidents reported in May 2014 compared to May 2013  [...]
June 15, 2014
  Covering 24 - 30 May 2014 No. 22/14 Thai tanker missing; Djibouti suicide bombs; Nigerian IS winning; Iran intercepts Somali oil smuggler, China-Vietnam boat-barging; Another Sewol ferry diver dies. A Thai tanker has  [...]
June 10, 2014
The Hijacking of Tanker, Orapin 4 RECENT hijacks of commercial tankers in the Southeast Asia region has raised concerns of an increase in piracy, which had been considered reduced in recent years, ReCAAP ISC issued an update on the hijack of Thai-register [...]
June 10, 2014
32 Nations Meet at the 32nd SHADE Conference by Combined Maritime Forces THE SHared Awareness and DEconfliction (SHADE) conference convened for its 32nd sitting in Manama, Bahrain on 4 June. Hosted in Bahrain by the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF),  [...]
June 9, 2014
OBP Statement on Release of MV Albedo Hostages Colorado, USA - 9 June 2014: Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) welcomes the release of the 11 remaining hostages of MV Albedo. We particularly commend the work of the UNODC Hostage Support Programme as well as the M [...]
June 7, 2014
Release of MV Albedo Seafarers Welcomed by MPHRP MPHRP (The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme) has welcomed the release and safe return of the remaining crew from the MV Albedo. Commenting on their arrival into Kenya on 7 June 2014 MPHRP ch [...]
June 6, 2014
Owners Confirm Lost Contact With Tanker “Fair Artemis” in Gulf of Guinea In a statement by Fairdeal Group Management S.A. today, it was confirmed that they have been unable to contact their managed vessel MT “Fair Artemis” sin [...]
June 5, 2014
Marlins MCA Approved Security eLearning Goes Global THE UK MCA have granted approval to Marlins for their new STCW eLearning courses, resulting in further expansion of Marlins’ international Approved Test Centre network. The 2010 Manila amendments  [...]
June 4, 2014
Seychelles Carries Out Oil Spill Exercise With EU Missions A MAJOR exercise in implementing the national contingency plan for anti-pollution, search and rescue, and fire fighting was held in the waters off Mahé, Seychelles, on 4 June - Joint Press  [...]
May 31, 2014
  Covering 17 - 23 May 2014 No. 21/14 Pirates kill fisherman; Nigerian successes but not winning; Boko Haram sanctions, Yacht search suspended; Bounty on Sewol ferry owner. An Indian fisherman was shot and killed during an armed robbery at sea [...]
May 29, 2014
EUCAP Nestor Concludes First Basic Training Course For Somali Coast Guard and Port Police THE EU’s maritime capacity building mission in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean, EUCAP Nestor, celebrated together with its Somali and Djiboutian pa [...]
May 25, 2014
Covering 10 - 16 May - 20/14 Pirate kingpin amnesty - DENIED; Somali pirates sentenced in USA; Seychelles co-chair role, Migrant shipwreck; Kenya terror attacks -  Puntland's government offer of amnesty to pirate kingpin Isse Yusuf  [...]
May 23, 2014
HMAS Darwin Continues to Challenge Drug Smugglers HMAS Darwin intercepted a suspected drug smuggling dhow in international waters on 19 May 2014, seizing 786 kilograms of hashish. HMAS Darwin is currently deployed on patrol under tasking to the Com [...]
May 20, 2014
Bowline Defence Ltd Awarded ISO PAS 28007 Certification Bowline Defence Ltd formally received its ISO 28000 certification scoped to ISO/PAS 28007:2012 from RTI Forensics at an awards presentation in London recently. ISO/PAS 28007 is the fast growing bench [...]
May 20, 2014
Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia Sixteenth Plenary Session, United Nations Head Quarters, 14 May 2014 - Communiqué Summary - The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) held its Sixteenth Plenary Sess [...]
May 18, 2014
ReCAAP Piracy & Armed Robbery At Sea Against Ships in Asia - April 2014 ReCAAP ISC states a total of nine incidents of piracy and armed robbery at sea were reported in April 2014, of which, five were incidents of piracy and four were incidents of arme [...]
May 16, 2014
Seychelles Elected as Co-Chair of UN’s Contact Group on Piracy SEYCHELLES, JAPAN and the UAE have been elected as co-chairs of Working Group 3 on Maritime Operations and Coordination of the Contact Group on Piracy off t [...]
May 16, 2014
Pirate Kingpin Amnesty Offer Denied by Puntland Government THE NEWS that only the second pirate kingpin was to be offered amnesty in Somalia made big news and was eagerly tweeted and Facebooked earlier this month. Now, however, that offer of amnesty to th [...]
May 16, 2014
  Covering 3 - 9 May 2014 No. 19/14 Pirate kingpin amnesty; Assassination attempts; Ferry diver dies, other arrests; Somali piracy 50% reduction; MV Iceberg-1 Officer 4 years later. Puntland's government offers amnesty to pirate kingpin Isse Yusuf [...]
May 14, 2014
Troubled Waters - Exploring the Emerging Dynamics between Navies and Private Security Companies in Anti-Piracy Operations By Riddhi Shah - Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi THE PAST decade has seen countless studies carried out o [...]
May 13, 2014
Finding New Bearings - Facts & Figures About PMSCs by Dirk Siebels THERE HAS been a lot of talk about regulating the private maritime security industry. So far, however, nobody has asked ship-owners or captains about the performance of armed guards o [...]
May 12, 2014
The World’s Most Violent Pirates by James Bridger WEST AFRICA is home to the world’s most violent pirates—who are now capable of overwhelming armed guards. Last month pirates killed a crewmember during an attack on German-owned oil tank [...]
May 7, 2014
The State of Maritime Piracy 2013 - Oceans Beyond Piracy Annual Report  THE LATEST Oceans Beyond Piracy report notes factors behind 50% reduction in cost of Somali piracy. The report, for the first time, documents both the economic and human cos [...]
May 5, 2014
Prosecuting Pirates - UNODC and Seychelles Sign $300 Thousand Agreement THE UNITED Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is providing financial support to Seychelles, worth around $300 thousand this year that will pay for costs involved in prosecuting [...]
May 3, 2014
French Sailor Spent 3 Weeks on Sailboat Drifting in Seychelles Waters THE OWNER of the sailboat Allegro, French sailing enthusiast David Mal, spent three weeks drifting in Seychelles waters after the mast of his boat broke. He was rescued by a merchant sh [...]
May 1, 2014
Global Piracy & Armed Robbery At Sea - April 2014 APRIL 2014 saw the majority of boarding incidents reported in SE Asia including two instances of hijack for the fuel cargo. West Africa, whilst having the most severe piracy incident with shots fired  [...]
April 29, 2014
China Donates Patrol Vessel to Seychelles Coast Guard THE SEYCHELLES Foreign Minister welcomed the donation of a purpose-built patrol vessel from the People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Seychelles on behalf of China. Foreign Minister, Jean-Pau [...]
April 29, 2014
Lethal Mix of Heroin and Alcohol Caused Deaths of 2 Former US Navy SEALs on Maersk Alabama (Seychelles News Agency) - The Seychelles police have reported that recently completed toxicology reports show a mixture of heroin and alcohol w [...]
April 25, 2014
Seychelles High Level Committee on Piracy Discusses Approach to Maritime Security Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport PRESS RELEASE 25 April 2014 High Level Committee on Piracy meets. Reviews maritime security measures and onward cooperation with Japa [...]
April 23, 2014
ReCAAP Quarterly Report 2014 on Piracy & Armed Robbery At Sea Against Ships in Asia THE OVERALL improvement in the situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia continues into the 1st Quarter of 2014 (January- March) for a third consecut [...]
April 23, 2014
Oil Tanker Hijacked, Three Indonesians Kidnapped in Malacca Strait A SINGAPORE-managed, St Kitts & Nevis-flagged oil tanker was boarded by armed robbers in the Malacca Strait off Port Klang. Three crew were kidnapped during the theft of part of the fu [...]
April 22, 2014
UNOSAT Global Report on Maritime Piracy - A Geospatial Analysis 1995-2013 FOLLOWING A five year engagement by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to conduct applied research and geospatial analysis on piracy activit [...]
April 15, 2014
United Kingdom Assumes Command of CTF 150 from Australia THE ROYAL Australian Navy has handed over command of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Combined Task Force 150 to the Royal Navy at a formal change of command ceremony held in Bahrain on 10 April  [...]
April 11, 2014
Port2Port West Africa - Contractors Released PORT2PORT West Africa is pleased to announce that two of its contractors were released 9 April 2014 on bail, on the order of Justice Akpomiemie of the High Court of Bayelsa State, Yenagoa, Nigeria, after 19 day [...]
April 4, 2014
EUCAP Nestor Enhances Capacity of the Seychelles Air Force in Maritime Domain Awareness ON 2 April, a ceremony was held at the Seychelles Air Force base to mark the donation by EUCAP Nestor of flight planning and imagery analysis software and the successf [...]
March 31, 2014
ReCAAP ISC - Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - Feb 2014 A TOTAL of 13 incidents were reported in February 2014, of which 11 were robberies against ships and two were incidents of piracy. Of the 13 incidents, six were Category 2 (moderate [...]
March 31, 2014
Two Sailors Dead After Fire on Fishing Vessel in the Indian Ocean THE BODIES of two sailors, who died aboard a Taiwan-flagged fishing vessel, were transported to the Seychelles mortuary Friday night and a third sailor suffering from burns was admitted to  [...]
March 31, 2014
Nine Convicted Somali Pirates Transferred to Puntland NINE CONVICTED Somali pirates were repatriated back to Puntland yesterday to serve out the remainder of their sentences in Garowe prison, the state’s capital. A special chartered flight operated [...]
March 29, 2014
Port2Port West Africa Denies Wrongdoing Following Arrest of 2 Contractors in Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria: IMMEDIATE RELEASE Port2Port West Africa can confirm that two of its contractors were arrested yesterday by the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Bayelsa State, N [...]
March 27, 2014
Piracy: FAO, Puntland President Launch Somali Fishermen Database President, EU Envoy hail move as crucial to managing sea resources March 27, 2014, Bossaso, Somalia - THE UNITED Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Puntland authorities hav [...]
March 21, 2014
Seychelles Coast Guard Receives Basic Seamanship Training on NATO Warship EUCAP NESTOR Press Release ON FRIDAY 21 March, 17 trainees, who are part of the Basic Training Programme for the Seychelles Coast Guard, received training in seamanship skills on b [...]
March 20, 2014
REFLECS3 - Fighting Transnational Organised Crime Regional Fusion and Law Enforcement Centre for Safety and Security at Sea (REFLECS3) is the new incarnation of Seychelles-based Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecutions and Intelligence Coordination Centre (RAPPI [...]
March 17, 2014
Seychelles Visit of ‘Child Soldiers Initiative’ Representative ‘Somali youths held in Seychelles well taken care of’ Juvenile Somalis implicated in piracy activities and being held at the Montagne Posée prisons are being we [...]
March 13, 2014
31st SHADE Conference Held in Bahrain THE 31st counter piracy Shared Awareness and Deconfliction (SHADE) conference was held in Manama, Bahrain, on 11 March. Established in 2008 and held quarterly, the conference aims to coordinate and de-conflict activi [...]
March 5, 2014
Seychelles Coast Guard Trainees Receive Electronic Navigation Equipment Training ON 4 March, 20 trainees from the Basic Training course for the Seychelles Coast Guard took part in a training on the use electronic na [...]
March 5, 2014
Seychelles Video Shows 2 Americans on the Town Before Deaths Source: CNN by Drew Griffin and Mary Rogers (CNN) -- POLICE IN the Seychelles investigating the deaths of two former U.S. Navy SEALs have video surveillance showing the private security gu [...]
March 4, 2014
Five Suspected Pirates Charged in Seychelles THE SEYCHELLES Police have reported that the 5 suspected Somali Pirates arrested by French ship Siroco on high seas on 20 January and then handed over to the local authority nine days later have formally been c [...]
March 4, 2014
Swift and Bold: A Piracy Alert Response ON FRIDAY 28 February, at 12:18pm, lookouts on board the Thailand-flagged merchant cargo ship, MV Tateyama, saw two small motor-powered skiffs carrying several men behaving oddly around a mile away. Suddenly ac [...]
March 3, 2014
CNN’s Mary Rogers to Produce Segment on Navy SEALs’ Death SEASONED CAMERAWOMAN and producer Mary Rogers of the CNN (Cable News Network) is in Seychelles to produce a segment on last month’s untimely death of two security personnel, ex-US [...]
March 1, 2014
Seychelles Montagne Posée Inmates to Portray Prison Experience in Film INMATES AT Montagne Posée prison in the Seychelles are working on a film about their experience in prison, the transition they have made as prisoners, accepting their sit [...]
February 27, 2014
RAPPICC One Year Into Combating Piracy THE FIRST anniversary of the opening of the Seychelles Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecution and Intelligence Coordination Centre (RAPPICC) was marked Tuesday, February 25. It is located at what is now known as the Nation [...]
February 24, 2014
Autopsy of US Security Officers Completed in Seychelles  IN THE latest press release by the Seychelles Police, the cause of death of two US Security Offices is reported to be respiratory failure, with suspicion of heart attack. The autopsy reports i [...]
February 22, 2014
Autopsy on US Security Officers Planned for Early Next Week Press Release THE SEYCHELLES Police have reported that the autopsy on Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy is to be carried out early next week. It is expected to establish the cause of death of th [...]
February 19, 2014
2 US Security Officers Found Dead on Maersk Alabama THE SEYCHELLES Police confirmed that Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy, two male US security officers on board container ship Maersk Alabama were discovered dead on the ship moored in Port Victoria late  [...]
February 19, 2014
Workshop for Somaliland Coast Guard Concludes in Hargeisa Hargeisa, Somaliland, February 18, A THREE day workshop for 28 senior members of the Somaliland Coast Guard, including the Commander, Deputy Sector Commanders from all 3 regions, as well as repre [...]
February 18, 2014
UN Somalia and Eritrean Monitoring Group met with Combined Maritime Forces By Combined Maritime Forces PERSONNEL FROM the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) met with representatives from the United Nations Somalia and Eritrean Monitoring Group (U [...]
February 14, 2014
ReCAAP ISC Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - January 2014 Report Source: ReCAAP ISC THERE HAS been a reduction in the number of incidents of armed robbery against ships reported in Asia in January 2014 compared to the same period in past [...]
February 13, 2014
Hellenic Navy Chief of Defence Visits HNS PSARA Ready for EU Task Force Deployment ON WEDNESDAY, February 12, 2014, the Chief of Staff, General Michael Kostarakis accompanied by the Chief of Navy General Staff Vice Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis Navy, vi [...]
February 13, 2014
HMAS Melbourne Interdicts Second Heroin Shipment in 48 Hours By Combined Maritime Forces COMBINED MARITIME Forces (CMF) ship Her Majesty’s Australian Ship (HMAS) Melbourne has seized another 190 kilograms of pure heroin in the Indian oc [...]
February 13, 2014
Ecuador Navy Strengthens Controls Against 'Piracy' on the High Seas MORE THAN a dozen ships, including a submarine, participate in the operational controls carried out by the Ecuadorian Navy at sea as part of an emergency declared in three ports. "Is [...]
February 12, 2014
Fight against piracy Indianocéanie 12-February-2014 Captain Phillips movie captivates guests IOC Commission in the Indian Ocean has received many distinguished guests Monday night at Bagatelle, Mauritius to the projection of American film Captain  [...]
February 10, 2014
Neptune Maritime Security Announces Certification to ISO PAS 28007 Press Release Neptune is pleased to announce that it has been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) to ISO PAS 28007. From L to R: Mike Richards, Ron Bisho [...]
February 6, 2014
Africa Devises a Plan to Stop Piracy by Mayka Jimenez IN THE January 22nd Ordinary Session of the developed African Union (AU) meeting concluded with the adoption of a series of measures by the Heads of State and Government of the region. Among them is t [...]
January 30, 2014
French Navy Transfers Five Suspected Pirates to Seychelles FIVE SUSPECTED Somali pirates were transferred to the Seychelles police late last night by the French EU Naval Force (EU Navfor) Somalia Operation Atalanta flagship FS Siroco. The arrival [...]
January 27, 2014
Seychelles Committee on Piracy Discusses 2014 Piracy & CGPCS Involvement THE HIGH level Committee on Piracy (HLCP) has resumed its work for the new calendar year, with a meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, chaired by the Minister for Home [...]
January 27, 2014
"Kerala" - Release from Hijacking IN A press release issued by Dynacom Tankers Management, the managers of the 'missing', then confirmed hijacked tanker, Kerala, state that the vessel and crew are safe, however, one crew member was wounded. A large amount [...]
January 24, 2014
Basic Training for Seychelles Coast Guard Commences ON FRIDAY 24 January, the Basic Training Programme for the Seychelles Coast Guard was officially inaugurated by the Chief of Staff of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces, Colonel Clifford Roseli [...]
January 24, 2014
Dynacom Tanker Confirmed Missing A DYNACOM tanker is feared hijacked off Angola in an incident which has created fears surrounding the spread of piracy off West Africa. The 74,998-dwt Kerala (built 2009) vanished while fully laden with gas oil and was la [...]
January 23, 2014
EUCAP NESTOR Donates Equipment to the Seychelles Coast Guard, Judiciary, and Attorney-General’s Office “IT IS my pleasure to hand over this high-tech equipment to our partners in the Seychelles,” said Etienne de Poncins, the Head of Miss [...]
January 21, 2014
Sunken Bitumen Tanker Has Troubled Past IHS MARITIME 360 reported on the sinking of a Bitumen tanker in South China Sea on 20 Jan 2014. The recent history of the tanker is founded in Somali piracy. The details of the incident state that:An asphalt/bitume [...]
January 21, 2014
Shipping Industry, Hit By Somali Pirates, Meets In London to Boost Jobs In Somalia Press Release LONDON, UK: 21st January, 2014: Per Gullestrup, whose Danish-­-operated ship was hijacked by Somali pirates for several weeks, is to be joined this  [...]
January 21, 2014
Seychelles Seafarers' Association Recieves Contributibutions From Special Screening of "Captain Phillips" Movie ON THE evening of 14th of November 2013, the Seychelles Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport held a special screening of the Hollywood blockb [...]
January 20, 2014
First Somali Pirate Attack in 2014 Ends in 5 Arrested ON SATURDAY 18 January 2014, the French EU NAVFOR Somalia Operation Atalanta flagship, FS Siroco, in cooperation with Japanese assets, released the crew of a Dhow that was suspected to have been used a [...]
January 20, 2014
HMCS Toronto Interdicts Heroin Shipment off Tanzania Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Canadian warship, HMCS Toronto, has seized approximately 280kg of high-grade heroin off the coast of Tanzania, close to Zanzibar Island. HMCS Toronto The [...]
January 19, 2014
Pirates Kidnap Crew & Release Spanish-Owned Vessel in Gulf of Guinea, Confirms Spanish Navy The Spanish-owned 'San Miguel' vessel under Guinean-Spanish flag, which was hijacked on January 3 and subsequently released in the Gulf of Guinea after being h [...]
January 15, 2014
Global Piracy Drop Due to Clampdown on Somali Pirates; IMB Piracy at sea has reached its lowest levels in six years, with 264 attacks recorded worldwide in 2013, a 40% drop since Somali piracy peaked in 2011, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) In [...]
January 10, 2014
European Union and Seychelles Carry Out Counter-Piracy Exercise Press Release On Friday 10 January, the Seychelles Coast Guard, Air Force and Police Force, together with the EU Naval Force Somalia 'Operation Atalanta' and EUCAP Nestor, carried out a coun [...]
January 9, 2014
3 Crew Kidnapped from "Disappeared" Ship THE EQUATORIAL Guinea-flagged cargo ship, San Miguel, owned by the company Martinez Hermanos, had been hijacked by pirates who still retain three kidnapped crew, states Equatorial Guinea's Press and Information Off [...]
January 7, 2014
Canadian Naval Officer Andrew Webster Died of Asphyxia The Seychelles police have reported that postmortem carried out on Lieutenant Andrew Webster, the 32-year-old Canadian navy officer who passed away on January 2, 2014 at a small tourism establishment  [...]
January 3, 2014
Canadian Sailor’s Body Found in Seychelles Hotel THE DEATH of a Halifax sailor while off duty in the Seychelles is being investigated. The body of navy Lt. Andrew F. Webster was discovered Thursday in his hotel room in Victoria, the capital city of [...]
December 31, 2013
EUNAVFOR Force Commander Visits Seychelles Palais De Justice And Montagne Posée Prison During Port Call During a recent port visit of the EU Naval Force flagship, FS Siroco, to The Seychelles, the Force Commander, Rear Admiral Hervé Bl& [...]
December 16, 2013
When Olga Fell in Love With Maersk Sometimes it happens suddenly, lightning fast, with overwhelming force; sometimes it just simmers. One day is a look, a word another day, another day a gesture, and then suddenly you wonder, is this love? Today I woke up [...]
December 10, 2013
Introducing MONALISA 2.0 – Taking Maritime Transport into the Digital Age MONALISA 2.0 is a European project including 39 partners from 10 countries. It is a Motorways of the Sea project which aims at giving a concrete contribution to the effic [...]
December 10, 2013
Captain Facing Piracy Charges in Togo; Plea for Compassion to Bury His Son MPHRP Media Release  The Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) has today on behalf of the unfortunate family of Captain Sunil James written to the President [...]
December 6, 2013
EUNAVFOR Op Atalanta Extended to 2016 REAR ADMIRAL Bob Tarrant, Operations Commander of the EU Naval Force Somalia (EUNAVFOR), has said that following a recent strategic review exercise, the EU has decided that “Operation Atalanta” would be ex [...]
December 3, 2013
EUNAVFOR Reaffirms Commitment To End Scourge Of Piracy Office of the President of Seychelles Press Release  President James Michel met with Rear-Admiral Bob Tarrant, Operation Commander of the European Union Naval Force Somalia (ATALANTA) at State H [...]
December 2, 2013
EUCAP Nestor Experts Receive Medals for Service ON 2 December, three experts from the EUCAP Nestor team in the Seychelles were decorated with medals for their service to the mission. The experts to receive the medals were Agatha Bouten, Court Administra [...]
December 1, 2013
Nine Suspected Pirates Transferred to Seychelles for Trial THE SEYCHELLES Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that of Home Affairs have agreed to accept the transfer to Seychelles for prosecution of nine suspected Somali pirates captured on the high seas by t [...]
November 18, 2013
Captain Phillips: A true story of Somali piracy Special premiere screening highlights Seychelles’ role in the fight against the scourge THE MINISTRY of Home Affairs and Transport, in collaboration with Deepam Cinema, hosted the Seychelles premiere  [...]
November 17, 2013
Global Piracy - an Overview of Recent Developments PIRACY in high risk regions remains as threat and as a reminder for continued vigilance by merchant shipping and naval authorities alike. A brief overview of some developments over the last few weeks supp [...]
November 16, 2013
ReCAAP Piracy & Armed Robbery At Sea in Asia - October 2013 A TOTAL of 16 incidents, comprising of 15 actual incidents and one attempted incident, were reported in October 2013. Of the 16 incidents, two were piracy incidents and 14 were robberies aga [...]
November 12, 2013
Exercise Cutlass Express 2013 Commences By Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa, U.S. 6th Fleet Public Affairs PORT VICTORIA, Seychelles (NNS) -- Maritime forces from the United States, 10 East African and two European nations, along with several i [...]
November 10, 2013
Danish Ship Attacked in the Indian Ocean, Suspect Pirates Detained by Nicolas Gros-Verheyde (B2) A Danish-flagged oil tanker, Torm Kansas, has been attacked in the middle of the Indian Ocean, between Kenya and the Seychelles Coast on Saturday, November 9 [...]
October 30, 2013
Spain Convicts 6 Somalis of Piracy, Arms Possession for Attack on Spanish Warship in 2012 Source: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MADRID - Spain's National Court has convicted six Somalis of piracy and arms possession for attacking a Spanish warship in 2012 off the [...]
October 24, 2013
ReCAAP ISC 3rd Quarter Report on Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia Source: ReCAAP ISC  ReCAAP ISC reports that there has been improvement in the piracy and armed robbery situation in Asia during January-September 2013 compared to the sa [...]
October 24, 2013
Seychelles Special Communiqué for a Special Evening A premier and very special screening in the Seychelles of a new Hollywood block buster film based on real life events is to happen shortly. And for the Seychelles a ‘frontline’ state w [...]
October 24, 2013
Seychelles and Denmark Sign Host Nation Support Agreement Source: Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs  The Republic of Seychelles and the Kingdom of Denmark signed the Memorandum of Understanding for Host Nation Support (HNS) and its underlying T [...]
October 18, 2013
CTF 151 Apprehends Somali Pirates and Destroys Their Skiffs Source: Combined Maritime Forces October 18, 2013  The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Counter Piracy task force, Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, successfully apprehended a group of Soma [...]
October 17, 2013
Asia Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships - August 2013 Source: ReCAAP ISC  ReCAAP ISC reports a total of 12 incidents of robbery against ships in August 2013. No piracy incident was reported. All were actual incidents. The number of i [...]
October 14, 2013
Seychelles Welcomes Arrest of "Pirate Kingpin" Mohamed Abdi Hassan in Belgium Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport PRESS RELEASE 14 October 2013  MR JOEL MORGAN, the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport and as well in his capacity as  [...]
October 14, 2013
"Loudmouth" Somali Pirate Kingpin Arrested in Belgium ON SATURDAY morning, police at Brussels Airport arrested a Somali suspected of being the head of the group of pirates who had taken hostage in 2009, the crew of the Belgian ship "Pompeii" for more than [...]
October 11, 2013
Seychelles Government Transfers Convicted Somali Pirates: They Will Complete Sentences in Their Homeland Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport PRESS RELEASE 11 October 2013  ON SATURDAY 5 October and Wednesday 9 October 2013 respectively, [...]
October 10, 2013
MPHRP Asks Cinema Goers to Remember That Captain Phillips is Based on a ‘Real Story’ MPHRP Press Release We know that it is Hollywood, but as the new blockbuster, Captain Phillips, premieres around the globe, MPHRP asks movie goers to remembe [...]
October 9, 2013
SOMALIA: Seychelles Transfers Six Convicted Pirates to Puntland Bosasso (RBC) SEYCHELLES AUTHORITIES on Wednesday transferred six convicted Somali pirates to the Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland, RBC Radio reports. The six men were fl [...]
October 4, 2013
SEPEC Arms Its Tankers Against Pirates THE INCLUSION of armed personnel on board fishing, transport or even passenger ships as a means of combating piracy in the Indian Ocean had long been a heated debate between nations and within the maritime community, [...]
October 3, 2013
Hijackers Sentenced By Seychelles Court After Action by Dutch Frigate, Van Amstel Source: Netherlands MoD [Translated] Eleven Somali pirates were sentenced by the Supreme Court of Seychelles to prison terms of between 18 months to 16 years. The hija [...]
September 26, 2013
EU & Seychelles Jointly Carry Out Search And Rescue Exercise Press Release: Seychelles ON 26 September, the Seychelles Peoples Defence Force, Coast Guard and Air Force, together with the EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia Operation Atalanta [...]
September 24, 2013
UN Report on Transnational Organised Crime Released in Seychelles Source: Seychelles Nation  THE latest report by the United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC was officially launched in Seychelles yesterday, 23 Sep, and a copy was pres [...]
September 17, 2013
RAPPICC Transition to Seychelles Maritime Centre for Security and Transnational Crime in W Indian Ocean, Approved Press Release Seychelles Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport  THE Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Mr. Joël Morgan, in  [...]
September 10, 2013
Spain sentences Somali pirates who tried to kidnap Basque fishermen Source: thinkSpain SPAIN'S National Court jailed six Somali pirates accused of trying to kidnap the crew on board a tuna-fishing boat from the Basque Country 11 months ago. The Izu [...]
September 6, 2013
Prosecutors Complete Advocacy Training Delivered by UK High Commission and EUCAP NESTOR Press Release by UK High Commission and EUCAP NESTOR Last week a group of prosecutors successfully completed an advocacy training programme run jointly by two British [...]
September 3, 2013
ISPS: US Coast Guard Backs NIMASA on Ports Security Source: NIMASA Press Release The United States Coast Guard has declared that the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) is on the right path to the successful implementation of [...]
September 2, 2013
Seven Somali Pirates Jailed in Malaysia Source: The Sun Daily Three Somalia nationals were sentenced to 10 years' jail each, while four others to eight years imprisonment by the High Court here today after they pleaded guilty to firing at Malaysian soldi [...]
August 27, 2013
Asia Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships - July 2013 Source: ReCAAP ISC  ReCAAP ISC reports a total of 11 incidents comprising 10 actual incidents and one attempted incident of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in July 2013  [...]
August 22, 2013
Pirates Move Fishing Vessel Naham 3 To Somali Shoreline Source: EUNAVFOR Earlier today, Thursday 22 September [22 August], a Spanish Maritime Patrol Aircraft from EU Naval Force overflew the pirate controlled fishing vessel FV Naham 3 and observed that t [...]
August 17, 2013
Mauritius: 12 Somalis to be Tried for Piracy Source: Afrique Jet Port-Louis, Mauritius - Twelve Somali nationals arrested for alleged acts of piracy in January off their country's coast are to be tried 7-27 October in Mauritius, according to judiciary so [...]
August 8, 2013
Seychelles Investigation into Burnt Out & Abandoned Taiwanese Fishing Vessel Concluded Source: Seychelles Police Communique THE Seychelles Police and Seychelles Fire and Rescue Agency have concluded their investigation in the case [...]
August 7, 2013
Desperate Appeal by Families of MV Albedo Crew Still Held Hostage by Somali Pirates Source: MPHRP  The 'unfortunate' families of the surviving crew of MV Albedo made an appeal on 14 July to the worldwide Somali community to put pressure on the c [...]
August 1, 2013
NATO Counter-Piracy Force Exercises With Seychelles Coast Guard Source: NATO Dutch Frigate HNLMS Van Speijk, part of NATO’s counter-piracy Operation Ocean Shield, together with the Seychelles Coast Guard, conducted a maritime exercise this week foc [...]
July 30, 2013
PMSC Licensing Up and Running in Germany Source: Dabelstein & Passehl  THE German Parliament has approved new legislation on the employment of private maritime security companies (PMSC) on German-flagged vessels. The requirements are mai [...]
July 28, 2013
Spanish Navy's First UAV to Spy on Somali Pirates By Esteban Villarejo of ABC Spain The Skeldar V-200 by the Swedish company Saab is the first UAS (unmanned aircraft system) acquired by the Spanish Navy in service delivery contract (leasing), with the ob [...]
July 23, 2013
The Vigo Man, Leading the Fight Against Piracy in the Indian Ocean Source: Atlantico [Spanish language] NATO hopes on Admiral Eugenio Diaz del Rio Jáudenes in two operations of the high risks of piracy and terrorism. On the one hand, in the  [...]
July 22, 2013
ReCAAP Report on Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships Incidents for 1st Half-Year 2013 Source: ReCAAP ISC The overall situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia during the first half of 2013 has improved. A total of 57 incidents compri [...]
July 21, 2013
Aid Workers Freed in Somalia Arrive in Spain Source: ABC (Spain) Montserrat Serra and Blanca Thiebaut two MSF aid workers freed in Somalia yesterday, landed at four in the afternoon at the airbase of Torrejon de Ardoz in Spain, as confirmed by Doctors Wi [...]
July 18, 2013
The Pirate Business Model - Commander EU NAVFOR Comments Source: Bruxelles2 Interviews Admiral Bob Tarrant of EUNAVFOR  While in Brussels, Rear Admiral Tarrant, Commander of the EU naval mission in Somalia (EUNAVFOR Atalanta), took a moment to answe [...]
July 18, 2013
Released; Two MSF Aid Workers Freed in Somalia Original Source: MSF.org & MSF Spain [Spanish language] Doctors Without Borders - Medicos Sin Fronteras (MSF) confirms the release of two Spanish aid workers Montserrat Serra and Blanca Thiebau [...]
July 18, 2013
Suspect Pirates Aim Weapons as EU Helicopter Overflies MV Albedo & FV Naham 3 Original source: eunavfor EUNAVFOR confirmed that the Malaysian-flagged, MV Albedo, held by armed pirates at an anchorage close to the Somali coast since November 2010 [...]
July 14, 2013
Albedo Families ask Somalia Families for help to release their loved ones… Source: MPHRP Media release Indian, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka families sent out a joint message to the Somalia people living worldwide who can have influence on their clans  [...]
July 14, 2013
Somali Pirates Are Biding Their Time, Major Maritime Security Briefing Hears Original Source: Writer/Journalist/Broadcaster Mary Harper “Somali pirates are ‘sleeping’, they have not gone away”, said Mary Harper, BBC Africa Editor, [...]
July 13, 2013
MV Myre Seadiver Russian Crew Case Update A Nigerian court has postponed until October 8 the trial of the remaining seven of the 15 Russian sailors who were arrested near the West African country’s coast in October 2012 on arms smuggling charges. I [...]
July 11, 2013
Crafting a Counter-Piracy Regime in the Gulf of Guinea By James M. Bridger, Delex Systems Inc. The winds of global piracy have shifted, as attacks by West African pirates now exceed those of their Somali counterparts. The Nigeria-based pirates may not ye [...]
July 10, 2013
The Big Business of the 'Fight' Against Piracy in Somalia Source: Canalsolidario [Spanish Language] On October 2, 2009, a group of pirates hijacked the tuna boat Alakrana Basque off the coast of Somalia. The ship and the crew, consisting of thirty-s [...]
July 7, 2013
Piracy May Be Reinvented After the Fall to Zero in Kidnappings Source: Lavoz Digital [Orig Spanish Language] THIRTEEN months and there has not been a hijack in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean areas where pirates operate. Military pressure, the presence [...]
July 7, 2013
Update: Pirate-Held MV Albedo is Sinking, Extreme Situation Source: Lavos Digital [Orig Spanish Language] "The depth of the bow and stern is further depressed and increasingly raising concerns. The pump cannot cope and increasingly more water is embarked [...]
July 5, 2013
Fire-Damaged Fishing Boat Reaches Port Victoria with 15 Crew Unaccounted Source: Seychelles Police Press Release The [Seychelles] Police have reported that a fishing vessel bearing the name of Chun-Ying, which reportedly caught fire on the 19 Ju [...]
July 4, 2013
Seychelles in Talks to Develop Somalia’s Blue Economy - 04.07.2013  Original source: Seychelles Nation Seychelles is taking part in talks to help Somalia develop its fisheries sector, according to Home Affairs and Transport Minister Jo&eu [...]
July 4, 2013
Maritime Security Ops with France, Djibouti, Yemen and Saudi Arabia Source: Combined Maritime Forces Warships from six international navies are currently operating as part of the French led Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150), conducting mariti [...]
July 1, 2013
After the Pirates, Smugglers Claims EU Senior Commander Source: Bruxelles2  The questions on the post-Atalanta operation have arisen. Speaking at the SecDef13, Rear Admiral Eric Dupont, Deputy Commander of EUNAVFOR Atalanta, looks bac [...]
June 29, 2013
Taiwanese Fishing Vessel Fire Sees Crew Missing After Abandon Ship An alert was issued on 26 June when the owners of a Taiwan fishing vessel, Chun Ying, reported they had lost contact with their ship at 0110 local time. By the end of the day the report ch [...]
June 28, 2013
“Somali Money Transfer Services Disruption”  Press Release by Shuraako  Recently, some global financial institutions have announced that they will withdraw their support from Somalia’s money transfer (SMT) businesses, citing [...]
June 26, 2013
Australia Joins RAPPICC and signs with Seychelles on Cooperation to Prosecute Suspected Pirates Seychelles Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport Press Release  In the presence of the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, Mr. Joël Morgan, th [...]
June 25, 2013
Salvage Tugs Reach Split-in-two Container Ship, MOL Comfort Adapted from original source: gCaptain The salvage of the stricken MOL Comfort is underway as tugboats arrive on scene to tow the sections of the container ship. Approximately 1 week after the  [...]
June 25, 2013
Chinese navy commander in talks with minister, defence chief - 25.06.2013 Source: Seychelles Nation The chief commander of Escort Task Group 112, Chinese PLA Navy, Admiral Yuan Yubai, has held talks with the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport J [...]
June 23, 2013
Indian Coast Guard Ship Varuna Rescues Fishermen Left Stranded by Somali Pirates Original Source: The Times of India A fishing vessel with 16 crew, left stranded by Somali pirates, is rescued by the Indian Coast Guard ship, Varuna in rough weather condit [...]
June 23, 2013
EUNAVFOR Strengthens Cooperation With Mozambique Source: eunavfor Between 17- 21 of June 2013, the EU Naval Force Portuguese flagship, NRP Álvares Cabral, visited the port of Pemba in Mozambique. Given the strong relations that exist between  [...]
June 23, 2013
Turkish Tanker, Nazo S, Ablaze in the Adriatic, 12 Crew Rescued Original source: SeaNews Turkey Turkish tanker NAZO S, with twelve crew onboard, at around 18:30 21 June, went up in flames. The fire, according to the first indicated information, came abou [...]
June 21, 2013
Maritime Security Operatives Qualification - City & Guilds, SCEG presentation at IMO Source: 3RG Media Release  Last week, the UK delegation at IMO led a presentation by the UK’s Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG) and Cit [...]
June 21, 2013
ReCAAP Piracy & Robbery Against Ships Report - May 2013 Source: ReCAAP  ReCAAP reports a total of four actual incidents of robbery against ships were reported in May 2013. No piracy incident was reported. Compared to the same month of 2012 (eigh [...]
June 18, 2013
Launch of Report on The Human Cost of Maritime Piracy 2012 Press Release: Oceans Beyond Piracy    A report highlighting latest details of the human cost of maritime piracy was released in London on Tuesda [...]
June 17, 2013
Chinese Navy Vessel Graces Port Victoria, Seychelles  Original Source: The Syechelles Nation- 17.06.2013 Chinese navy escort vessel CNS Harbin with over 300 crew members docked in Port Victoria yesterday morning, and will take part in the Seychelles [...]
June 14, 2013
ReCAAP, Piracy & Sea Robbery Conference 2013 - 'Counter Piracy: Challenges, Responses and Lessons Learned'  Source: ReCAAP  The ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre jointly organised the ReCAAP ISC Piracy & Sea Robbery Confe [...]
June 12, 2013
Where Are the Arrested Somali Pirates Held? Original Source: ABC.es by Eduardo S. Molano (Twitter @ EDUARDOSMOLANO); Correspondent in Nairobi Despite the media neglect, at present, nearly 1,200 buccaneers are being held in prisons i [...]
June 11, 2013
Re-opening of the Offshore Petroleum Prospective Acreage in Seychelles Press Release Government of Seychelles  The Republic of Seychelles announced today the reopening of the offshore acreage for oil prospection. During the last two years, applicati [...]
June 7, 2013
Released pirate hostage: We got beaten up before contact with the Danish media Source: Information DK [Danish Language] The former hostage of the Danish ship [MV Leopard] held in Somalia, Captain Eddy Lopez, for the first time recounts his version of the [...]
June 6, 2013
Twelve Somali Pirates Prosecuted by the State of Mauritius Source: French People Daily [French Language] 06.06.2013 at 13:55 Mauritius - Twelve Somalis arrested earlier this year off the coast of Somalia for alleged piracy are prosecuted by the Stat [...]
June 6, 2013
EU Warship Forces Pirates to Abandon Hijacked Dhow Soure: EUNAVFOR Fourteen Indian sailors are now safe, after pirates, who took control of their cargo vessel yesterday morning (5 June) in the Gulf of Aden, abandoned the attack hours later after EU  [...]
June 6, 2013
An invitation on behalf of the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme  www.mphrp.org     An exclusive charity screening of the hit movie ‘A HIJACKING’Friday 14th June5.30 - 8.30pmThe Athenaeum, Church Alley, L [...]
June 5, 2013
Peace and stability for inclusive growth for Africa says Seychelles President Source: For Immediate Release (Forimmediaterelease.net) “Peace and stability are the platforms on which we can build truly inclusive growth for Africa, and we salute th [...]
June 4, 2013
Piracy and Robbery Against Ships At Sea - April 2013 April Showings - Incidents of piracy, robbery at sea and in ports, whether successful or failures is widely reported. OCEANUSLive research and crowdsourced information brings those incidents together in [...]
June 3, 2013
British patrol vessel "escaped" port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife due to lack of supervision Original Source: Cadenaser by Pedro Murillo [Spanish Language] The detained British patrol vessel, Defender, fled Tenerife port early Friday The Can [...]
May 31, 2013
What to do After Operation Ocean Shield? Original Source: Bruxelles 2  What to do after Operation "Ocean Shield" in the Indian Ocean? The question arises within the Alliance. Russian and NATO Italian Warships Meet Photo: Bruxelles2/NAT [...]
May 29, 2013
EUNAVFOR Portuguese Flagship, EUCAP NESTOR and Seychelles Coast Guard Working for Maritime Security Source: EUNAVFOR Whilst alongside Port Victoria in the Seychelles, naval staff from EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Flagship NRP Álvares Cabral and the  [...]
May 28, 2013
[UPDATED] Pirates Kidnap Five Pakistani Crew off Nigeria On the day that the release of four kidnapped crew of the German container ship, Hansa Marburg, is announced, Nigerian pirates attack and board an oil products tanker off the southern coast of Niger [...]
May 27, 2013
AU Summit Described As 'Victory for Seychelles' Press Release: The Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles  Seychelles President James Michel has described African Union (AU) summit and its 50th anniversary in Addis Ababba, Ethiop [...]
May 26, 2013
Foreign Minister says Oceanic Resources Key to Africa’s FutureSource:  The [Seychelles] Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, has called for a focus on the inclusion of Africa’s oceanic resources when planning for the future.  [...]
May 25, 2013
Four Crew Kidnapped from German-Operated Container Ship, Released by Nigeria Pirates Original Source: Leonhardt & Blumberg of Hamburg Shipmanagers Leonhardt & Blumberg of Hamburg, Germany operators of container vessel "HANSA MARBURG", is pleased  [...]
May 21, 2013
EU to provide over €37 million to fight piracy in Eastern and Southern Africa Source: European Commision Press Release  The EU will provide some €37 million to strengthen the fight against piracy in several Eastern and Southern African cou [...]
May 21, 2013
Somali Piracy Business Model and the 'Costs' Original source: Op Ocean Shield (via Facebook) The Somali piracy business model hinges on the ability to securely anchor hijacked ships along Somalia's coastline during negotiations for the release of cargo a [...]
May 19, 2013
Seychelles cells: The Somali pirates jailed in paradise Source: BBC News By Anthony Denselow in Seychelles There are more than 1,000 convicted Somali pirates in prisons around the world. Some of them end up in a UN-funded jail on the tiny island nat [...]
May 16, 2013
Fire Sees 6 Crew Killed, Japan Original Source: World Huanqiu According to Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported on May 16, at 1:00 in the morning, a Cambodian freighter, Taigan, moored in the port of Wakkanai, Hokkaido, Japan, caught fire. A total of six p [...]
May 16, 2013
ReCAAP Piracy & Robbery Against Ships Report - April 2013 Source: ReCAAP A total of 14 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in April 2013, of which 13 were actual incidents and one was an attempted incident. Of the 1 [...]
May 14, 2013
Transfer of 8 Convicted Somali Pirates to Puntland Source: Seychelles Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport Press Release  As part of the continuing programme to return Somalis convicted of piracy in the Seychelles back to Somalia where they contin [...]
May 13, 2013
Five Kidnapped Crew Released Freed Unharmed by Nigeria Pirates Original Source: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russian Language version) The Russian Foreign Ministry website states, through the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry of [...]
May 13, 2013
3 Out of 10 Pirates Released Due to Lack of Evidence, Says Spanish Admiral Source: Lainformacion.com (Spanish Language Translation) The forces of the EU deployed in the Indian Ocean as part of Operation Atalanta are forced to release aroun [...]
May 13, 2013
For MV Leopard Crew, Finally, A Familiar Face... Source: Shipcraft Press Release Managing Director Claus Bech of Shipcraft has now visited the six seamen from MV Leopard, that were released on April 30. Their health is better than anticipated, they  [...]
May 10, 2013
Seychelles Offers Support to Efforts to Rebuild Somalia - 09.05.2013  Source: Seychelles Nation Seychelles has offered to support war-torn Somalia in its rebuilding efforts.[Our] offer was made on Tuesday, 7 May, before global partners seeking  [...]
May 7, 2013
The International Somalia Conference - London FINAL COMMUNIQUE 7 May, 2013 The Somalia Conference took place at Lancaster House in London on 7 May 2013, co-hosted by the UK and Somalia, and attended by fifty-four friends and partners of Somalia. But  [...]
May 6, 2013
International Meeting held on “Creating Economic Opportunities for Somalia” Source: Shuraako & One Earth Foundation Press Release On Thursday, May 2, 2013, the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) and One Earth Fu [...]
May 4, 2013
Freed MV Leopard Hostages Meet Danish Soldiers Source: Maritime Denmark The Admiral Danish Fleet has published the first pictures of the Danish special forces who assisted the six released sailors from MV Leopard on the beach in Somalia. Images have b [...]
May 2, 2013
UN Approves Funding to Support Anti-Piracy Efforts in Somalia and Affected States in the Region Source: UNPOS New York, 30 April 2013 – The United Nations Trust Fund for the Fight against Piracy today approved a package of projects in support of  [...]
May 2, 2013
UN Secretary-General Appoints Nicholas Kay of United Kingdom as Special Representative in Somalia Source:UNPOS New York, 29 April 2013 –  United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Nicholas Kay (United King [...]
April 30, 2013
MV Leopard Danish, Filipino Sailors Released in Somalia Original Source: Shipcraft.dk After more than two years of captivity, the six sailors who were kidnapped by Somali pirates in the hijacking of the Danish cargo ship MV Leopard in January 2011, relea [...]
April 30, 2013
SAF Dornier Aircraft Arrives Press Release: The Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles  President James Michel, the Commander-in-Chief of the Seychelles People's Defence Forces, attended the welcoming ceremony of the new Seychelles Ai [...]
April 29, 2013
ReCAAP Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - Quarterly Report Source: ReCAAP ISC Among the 28 incidents reported in Asia during January-March 2013, three incidents involved robbers armed with guns and knives, and 10 incidents involved robber [...]
April 28, 2013
Container Ship Boarded by Pirates Off Nigeria, Further Five Crew Kidnapped An Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, German-owned container ship was attacked and boarded by 14 heavily armed pirates off Nigeria which resulted in five crew members being kidnapped.  [...]
April 28, 2013
Pirates an expensive business for shipowners Source: SvD Corporate [Swedish Language Version] Actions against pirates give shipping companies exorbitant additional costs. A single pass through the dangerous waters now costs about a million doll [...]
April 28, 2013
Seychelles and the European Union Reaffirm Their Commitment to Maritime Security Press Release: The Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles  President James Michel received, on Thursday 25 April 2013, Admiral Jacques Launay, head of th [...]
April 25, 2013
RAPPICC Plays Key Role as Rapid Response Nets Major Drug Seizure in Mediterranean Press Release: Seychelles Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport  The newly-established Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecution Centre, RAPPIC [...]
April 20, 2013
Know Your Fishermen from Pirates in Horn of Africa HRA Source: NATO Shipping Centre NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) warns that it is imperative that merchant vessels remain vigilant at all times in transit and/or at anchorage and fully implement protecti [...]
April 17, 2013
Under-Reporting Blurs the Threat in the Gulf of Guinea Original source: Soefartens Ledere (Danish Maritime Officers) Somali pirate attacks quickly find their way into the news, the pirate attacks in the West African Gulf of Guinea are often not reported  [...]
April 16, 2013
No Hiding Place For Suspect Pirates Says EUNAVFOR Source: EUNAVFOR Having joined the EU Naval Force just over a week ago, the crew from Swedish Ocean Patrol Vessel HSwMS Carlskrona has been busy conducting counter piracy patrols. Pirates launch  [...]
April 15, 2013
Australia Hands Over Combined Maritime Forces Task Force to French Partners Source: CMF Bahrain The Australian commander of one of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) task forces in the Middle East has handed over command to the French Marine Nationa [...]
April 15, 2013
'Insurance for kidnappings by pirates gives access to the best negotiators' Source: FARO de Vigo (Spanish Language) Having a special policy for cases of kidnapping is key, as insurers, to ensure that the problem is solved as soon as possible, someth [...]
April 12, 2013
UK Home Office guidance to applicants to possess firearms to protect UK registered ships Source: Gov.UK The UK Government Home Office provides the latest guidance for the authorisation process on the use of armed guards on UK registered ships. The polic [...]
April 9, 2013
OBP Releases Updated Report on Economic Cost of Somali Piracy Press Release  A report detailing the overall economic cost incurred worldwide from Somali piracy was launched in Denmark on Tuesday 9 April by Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), a project of On [...]
April 7, 2013
Egypt Releases Weapons Ship After Investigation Source: Reuters CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian authorities released a ship loaded with heavy weapons and its crew three days after they were seized for entering Egyptian territorial waters in the Red Sea, two s [...]
April 5, 2013
SPDF Officer's Assistance on Drug Seizure Commended  CMF Partnership Nets Positive Results Press Release: Seychelles Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport  A communiqué released by the Office of the Public Affa [...]
April 4, 2013
[UPDATE] Egypt seizes ship carrying arms, questions crew - Conflicting information Source: Reuters/Israel International News (Reuters) - Egyptian navy forces seized a ship carrying heavy weapons as it entered Egyptian territorial waters in the Red Sea la [...]
April 3, 2013
CMF Ship in Huge High-Seas Heroin Haul Press Release The multinational Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) successfully disrupted a massive heroin shipment on Friday as part of a highly-focused counter-terrorism operation. Canadian warship HMCS Toronto& [...]
April 2, 2013
Shuraako Spring Newsletter - Investing in Somalia Shuraako are pleased to share their first edition of the Shuraako newsletter; a collection of updates, events, industry analyses, videos, and blog posts on investing in Somalia. The newsletter includes de [...]
April 1, 2013
Brand New Tug Attacked by Pirates Off Singapore Original source: Wort.lu A vessel flying the Luxembourg flag has been attacked by pirates 50 nautical miles from Singapore. According to the Luxembourg government, the Bourbon Liberty 308, an offshore anch [...]
March 28, 2013
Seychelles, Sri Lanka Expand Indian Ocean Co-operation Source: Ministry of Defence and Urban Development Sri Lanka Given the shared priorities and objectives, there is immense scope for collaboration between Sri Lanka and the Seychelles, and there is eve [...]
March 27, 2013
India has given Seychelles a maritime patrol aircraft for war against pirates Source: iHLS IN RECENT years, Somali pirates began operating further than the shores of Somalia. Most of the action has been moved to the East Indian Ocean region – Seych [...]
March 26, 2013
An Unlikely Alliance: Ukraine and NATO in the Battle Against Maritime Piracy Original source: The Atlantic Council of Canada Aaron Willschick examines the unlikely partnership between Ukraine and NATO on maritime piracy, but warns that the former Soviet  [...]
March 25, 2013
Ghana to Commence Police Marine Academy Source: SPY Ghana by Emmanuel Opoku, Ellembelle The Minister of the Interior, Kwesi Ahwoi, last Friday cut the sod for work to begin on administrative and academic blocks for the Marine Police Academy at Aiyi [...]
March 21, 2013
ReCAAP Piracy & Robbery At Sea Report - February 2013 Source: ReCAAP A total of 12 incidents, comprising 11 actual incidents and one attempted incident, were reported in Asia in February 2013. Of the 11 actual incidents, one was an incident of pirac [...]
March 21, 2013
Piracy, Private Security Companies and Best Management Practice on the Table at 27th SHADE Conference Original Source: CMF Representatives from 31 nations met in Bahrain on Tuesday to discuss the future of international anti-piracy operations i [...]
March 21, 2013
Aid Worker Kidnappings Rise, Fuelling Debate Over Ransoms Source: IRIN News LONDON, 21 March 2013 (IRIN) - Aid workers have experienced a rise in kidnappings over the past 10 years, from seven in 2003 to a high point of 95 in 2011, according to Humanitar [...]
March 20, 2013
French Frigate Courbet Trains Seychelles Coast Guard Source: French Ministry of Defence The French frigate Courbet, engaged in Operation Atalanta against piracy has led a training for the benefit of Seychelles coastguard. Training Seychelle [...]
March 19, 2013
NATO Flagship Trains With Tanzanian Navy NATO News Release The NATO counter piracy flagship, ITS San Marco has held a successful training exercise with the Tanzanian navy. Last week, ITS San Marco was in Dar Es Salaam for a port visit and while there, to [...]
March 18, 2013
Herd Immunity Source: Ince & Co | By Stepehn Askins Under BMP, ships transiting the HRA off east Africa should register with MSCHOA and fill in a comprehensive registration form. A recent update from the military provided an interesting breakdown of  [...]
March 18, 2013
Concern over West African piracy Original source: Soefartens Ledere (Danish Maritime Officers) Developments in piracy off West Africa worries Danish Maritime Officers. The organization calls on the equal protection of seafarers and ships as i [...]
March 18, 2013
West African piracy problem without solution Original source: Soefartens Ledere (Danish Maritime Officers) Pirate situation in the Gulf of Guinea is becoming very serious, and even though the international community has become aware of the problems, [...]
March 18, 2013
West Africa piracy can be divided into 4 types Original source: Soefartens Ledere (Danish Maritime Officers) As the pirates' declining success in the waters off the Horn of Africa, the focus is increasingly on the often very violent piracy in the  [...]
March 18, 2013
Nigerian presidential elections in 2015 could escalate piracy Original source: Soefartens Ledere (Danish Maritime Officers) Militants, former rebels in Nigeria involved with piracy in the Gulf of Guinea support Nigeria's incumbent President Goo [...]
March 16, 2013
Piracy & Armed Robbery At Sea - February 2013 February Takings - The Horn of African/IOR continues to see less activity across the HRA , but West Africa has growing voilence and kidnap against seafarers. Asia incidents increased to 17, however, the ma [...]
March 15, 2013
Maritime Hotspots: Final Report Source: Nederland Maritiem Land (Dutch Language version) The Dutch maritime sector maintains excellent relationships with the major maritime regions in the world. Maritime knowledge is widely developed, and there is k [...]
March 11, 2013
The Project, World Premieres At Tribeca Film Festival Source: Tribeca Film Festival Featuring 21 narratives and 12 documentaries from across the globe, the Spotlight section of TFF 2013 focuses on films that blur the lines between independent and mainstr [...]
March 11, 2013
Pilot For ISO PAS 28007 (Maritime) Audit Takes Place Press Release The first two Private Maritime Security Companies begin the Pilot Audit of the ISO PAS 28007 London: Tuesday 12 March 2013: MSS Global, a UKAS Accredited Certification Body, has announ [...]
March 11, 2013
MT Smyrni and 26 Crew Released By Somali Pirates The owners and managers of MT Smyrni are delighted to report that the MT Smyrni has been released after ten months in the captivity of Somali pirates. MT Smyrni and 26 Crew Released by Pi [...]
March 11, 2013
Officers from Hijacked Ship “Esther C” Released by Nigerian Captors Source: gCaptain A spokesperson from Carisbrooke Shipping has reported today [11 March] that the 3 kidnapped officers from their cargo ship “Esther C,” have  [...]
March 9, 2013
Tankers Royal Grace and Smyrni Released By Somali Pirates In a largely unexpected move by Somali pirates, a double-release of hijacked tankers, Royal Grace and Smyrni, was announced. Both vessels are now heading for Salalah, Oman. The ships and the 22 an [...]
March 9, 2013
EU Flagship Assists Released MT Royal Grace Source: eunavfor The EUNAVFOR flagship, ESPS Méndez Núnez, provided much-needed assistance to the crew of chemical tanker MV Royal Grace after the vessel was unexpectedly released by Somali pirate [...]