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ReCAAP Concern Over Further Incidents in Singapore Strait

April 23, 2021 - 09:12:34 UTC

ReCAAP ISC Highlights Concern Over Continued Occurrence Of Ship Boarding in Singapore Strait

ON 17 Apr 21, two incidents occurred to ships while underway off Tanjung Pergam, Bintan Island, Indonesia. The two incidents occurred within an interval of four hours and in close proximity to each other in the eastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) in the Singapore Strait, reports ReCAAP ISC.

In one of the incidents on 17 Apr, the duty engineer spotted one perpetrator trying to open the steering gear entrance door from poop deck of a petroleum/chemical tanker. The perpetrator escaped once his presence was discovered. Nothing was stolen.

Within an interval of four hours, another incident occurred on board an underway bulk carrier in the same vicinity. Four perpetrators were sighted in the engine room of the ship. One of the perpetrators hit a crew member with an adjustable wrench. The crew member sustained a mild contusion to his forehead. Some engine spares were stolen.

Two Boarding Incidents in Singapore Strait 16 Apr - Map: OCEANUSLive.org

ReCAAP ISC has expressed concerned with the continued occurrence of incidents in the Singapore Strait, particularly off Tanjung Pergam, Bintan Island, Indonesia. Of the 12 incidents reported in the Singapore Strait during January-April 2021 so far, nine incidents occurred off Tanjung Pergam (with three incidents occurred in January 2021, one incident in March 2021 and five incidents in April 2021).

ReCAAP ISC has urged the littoral States to increase patrols and enforcement in their respective waters, particularly in the waters off Tanjung Pergam; as well as strengthen coordination among the littoral States, including information sharing on the latest situation, and the criminal groups involved, in order to make arrests of the perpetrators.

As the perpetrators of these incidents have not been arrested, there is every possibility of further incidents in the Singapore Strait. Subsequently, ships are advised to exercise enhanced vigilance.

Source: ReCAAP ISC