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“Ships transport more than 90 per cent of world trade safely, securely and efficiently, at a fraction of the environmental impact and cost of any other mode of bulk transportation. For most cargo, there is simply no viable alternative”.

The United Nations is the latest, and greatest, power to express its concern over the spate of pirate attacks, maritime robberies and kidnappings which have become so prevalent of late. In a letter to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underlined the need to reinforce the collective response at sea, on land, and in judicial systems around the world, and to provide effective and sustainable solutions to the governance, security and humanitarian difficulties faced by countries like Somalia. It is in this arena of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) that collaboration between vessels and authorities is so vital when the unforeseen happens. Real-time, secure collaboration enables the exchange and notification of:
  • Situational awareness
  • Intelligence reports
  • Preparation
  • Important information (ship position, medical details, crew lists, ship plans etc)
  • Immediate routing advice (e.g. Transit Corridors)
  • Security and Safety Alerts
OCEANUSLive is a suite of applications that allows Ship and Yacht masters, CSOs, Duty Personnel Ashore, and relevant maritime safety and security bodies to collaborate within a single, secure environment to enhance the safety and security of vessels at sea. Supported by Watchkeepers to provide advice, it can be used exclusively or in conjunction with shipping company internal communications capability. Emergency Coordination chat rooms can be set up in a matter of hours as necessary to meet the demand.

OCEANUSLive will look to be delivered via three main platforms:
  • Internet

    Through a comprehensive environment of applications and utilities that can be used to chart areas of immediate danger or distress, pass important information that can be used to assist with saving lives at sea, identify criminal elements such as pirates or high sea robbers, or share other relevant information or intelligence to ensure the correct and speedy responses, whenever necessary – simultaneously, both ways.

  • Offline software

    A software variant of the Internet environment which allows ship and yacht masters, with limited access to the internet, to utilise OCEANUSLive without requiring lengthy and costly access to the internet. OCEANUSLive software downloads the latest information selected by the user as soon as it detects an internet connection. The connection can then be switched off, allowing the user the freedom, and time, to absorb the information required. The software will allow offline working where all input into OCEANUSLive by a user can be submitted following network connection, and is then uploaded as soon as OCEANUSLive is online.

  • Mobile and Mobile App Access

    Allowing personnel ashore the ability to stay in contact with their vessels through OCEANUSLive whilst on the move (Out of Office). User defined Alert settings will allow individuals the freedom to continue their day-to-day or other duties whilst being aware that OCEANUSLive will provide Alert notifications should there be an immediate need to log into the system.

Brought to the industry by the team that created the highly successful and multi-award winning, Maritime Security Centre (Horn of Africa) (MSCHOA.org), and the innovative military collaboration tool used by EUNAVFOR and naval forces fighting piracy, ForbesWallace Ltd OCEANUSLive is the next step in enhancing the security and safety of the seafarer and shipping in the ever-dangerous seas. It is a model that can be adopted and adapted to meet the needs of not just MDA in the Horn of Africa, but in the regions where piracy continues to flourish - Gulf of Guinea, South China Sea and South America. As the World Maritime Day 2011: “Piracy – Orchestrating the Response” approaches, OCEANUSLive – Information, Security, Safety; Shared.