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About Us


OCEANUSLive is an information-sharing platform based on improving maritime situational awareness across the globe. A service of ForbesWallace Ltd, we endeavour to bring together the disparate elements of news relating to the international shipping community through a network of likeminded and interested parties. By collating reports on piracy, terror threats, environmental, severe weather and other maritime related incidences, we keep those at sea better informed.

OCEANUSLive was founded by a team with extensive background in UK Royal Navy operations over many decades, in many theatres, at governmental, diplomatic, strategic down to tactical levels.

Vast experience in delivering communications capability across the world, including planning the European Union’s very first maritime operation off the East coast of Africa (piracy, humanitarian aid), we work with government bodies, law enforcement agencies, law and insurance firms, private maritime security and military entities, as well as providing comment to major news agencies and subject matter expert advice to authors, television news providers, shipping magazines and non-governmental organisations.

With a history of critical mission planning knowledge in crisis situations and instructing multinational naval forces in maritime operations, the OCEANUSLive team provide a platform which is readily duplicated and adaptable to the myriad theatres of maritime crises and operational support functionality.

Recognised by international awards and nominations, OCEANUSLive is a secure platform which bears the hallmark of operational reliability.

Information, Security, Safety; Shared.

First Hand Accounts of the Proven Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration