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Djibouti Bases - Magnet for Military Effect

December 26, 2012 - 11:14:14 UTC

Djibouti A Base, Two Bases, Bases

In Djibouti, there is, of course, the ancestral French base, and more recently, the US base, camp Lemonnier. Americans are increasing their presence gradually. Djibouti serves as the United States "continental aircraft carrier" for their drones. But these are not the only military bases. Djibouti is a magnet for countries wishing to implement an effective military in this "paradise" strategic.

Djibouti Based

German presence for 10 years

Besides the two countries already mentioned, the first to do so was Germany. Since 2002, [Germany has been involved in] Operation Enduring Freedom, and it maintains a small contingent of 30 to 80 people depending on the time, for liaising with vessels berthing at the port. They do not own the site but have some bungalows at the airport and stay at the Sheraton Hotel.

Anti-piracy a good layout pattern for the Japanese

Also taking advantage of the anti-piracy operations, the Spaniards arrived, and especially the Japanese. They arrived with weapons and luggage and are willing to invest in an area where the Chinese are present. Japanese presence is not only military. The Japanese agency development finances several projects in the country, including a project covering a portion of the remediation of the capital

Latecomers: the Italians

Italians have decided to install drive (like the French and the Germans). They are preparing to build a base close to the international airport. This base is not really connected to the airport but just have to build one end of the runway (taxiway) lacks. The Italian Government should pay a rent of € 30 million (the same as the French and the Americans) to the Government of Djibouti. The only problem, the new base will be very close to the ammunition depot of the French FFDJ, which could pose some security problems. In Italy, you can bet that presence does not simply take the fight to the pirates but also to stabilize nearby Somalia.

The Russians?

The Russians also want to set up in Djibouti. They no longer have a naval base in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean since the independence of Eritrea and the reunification of Yemen. And they have recently expressed their desire to settle in the country. Demand confirmed by mid-level Djiboutian officials who do not, as yet, want confirm the status of negotiations. "There is a demand," said a senior diplomat to B2 in Djibouti.

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