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What to do After Operation Ocean Shield?

May 31, 2013 - 23:12:07 UTC

What to do After Operation Ocean Shield?

Original Source: Bruxelles 2 Bruxelles2 logo

What to do after Operation "Ocean Shield" in the Indian Ocean? The question arises within the Alliance.

Russian and NATO Italian Warships Meet Photo: Bruxelles2/NATO

Russian and NATO Italian Warships Meet Photo: Bruxelles2/NATO

Operation Ocean Shield ends, indeed, at the end of 2014, and "no anti piracy device has yet to be determined beyond that date," as told to Bruxelles 2, the French webnews devoted to European defense, foreign policy and the EU, by the framework of the Alliance. The question is whether it will be extended or if there is any need to change the mandate.

NATO could maintain a presence in the Indian Ocean as a function of general supervision. "A military presence is important in the area because the root causes of piracy are still there. " There are other threats and all kinds of traffic in the area (drugs, human trafficking ...).

" Apart from piracy, the discussion focuses on the importance for NATO to maintain a presence in the area, and links with partners. Through this operation the Alliance was able to strengthen and/or develop various contacts with non-traditional countries (India, China, Indonesia ...). "

In the LA Times it was stated that some governments, including Iran, China and India, also have taken unilateral action, sending warships to escort convoys of tankers and commercial ships through waters once infested with pirates.

"It's really remarkable. I hope some historian is watching this," said Donna Hopkins, a U.S. diplomat who chairs the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, an umbrella group of more than 60 countries and international organizations.
"It's totally voluntary; it's not coercive; no one is in charge," Hopkins said. "The simple fact is that everyone hates pirates.

The EU's Naval Force Operation, 'Atalanta' also has a mandate which ends in 2014.

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