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2 Dead, 1 Burnt After Fishing Boat Fire in Indian Ocean

March 31, 2014 - 09:21:02 UTC

Two Sailors Dead After Fire on Fishing Vessel in the Indian Ocean

THE BODIES of two sailors, who died aboard a Taiwan-flagged fishing vessel, were transported to the Seychelles mortuary Friday night and a third sailor suffering from burns was admitted to hospital.

Seychelles Police recover two bodies Photo: Seychelles Nation

The two victims, who died as a result of a fire, were a 24-year old Filipino and a 21-year old Indonesian. Another sailor who suffered burn injuries is alive and reported to a be a Filipino crewman.

The Taiwan vessel named the Ho-Fu-Mei No 6 entered into the Seychelles commercial port at 11pm Friday, 28 March, and was met by officers from the Seychelles Police to recover the bodies. The police were assisted by other sailors on board the vessel.

Thailand fishing boat Ho Fu Mei No.6 Photo: Seychelles Nation

From police reports, it was ascertained that the two sailors died after a fire had started in their cabins. The reported fire occurred at around 10pm Wednesday night, 26 March, within Seychelles territorial waters.

The police have reported that medical examiners will today examine the bodies of the two dead sailors to decide on whether an autopsy will be needed and when the bodies can be repatriated to their families.

The police are unable to release any more information on this matter as it is currently under further investigation.

Origina source: Seychelles Nation

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