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Manila Anchorage Robberies Raises Concerns

August 27, 2021 - 09:58:52 UTC

Increasing Container Ship Boardings in Manila Anchorage Raises Concerns

CONCERNS have been highlighted by ReCAAP ISC surrounding the increase in armed robbery incidents against ships at Manila Anchorage areas in the Philippines. Particularly worrisome is the use of guns/knives with violence proffered to the crews.

During the period Jan - Aug 2021, a total of eight incidents of armed robbery at South Harbour Anchorage area of Manila were reported to ReCAAP ISC. Three incidents in July and August saw robbers armed with guns and/or knives in which crew members were threatened with weapons and tied up before the robbers managed to escaped with stolen ship stores. Two cases in August resulted in significant quantities of stores being stolen.

The three incidents in question were:

17 Jul - Panama-flagged container ship Maersk Nussfjord was boarded at 0125 LT by robbers with an improvised gun pointed to the duty crew. His radio was taken and he was tied to the railing of the ship. Seven robbers boarded the ship and stole mooring line rope.

4 Aug - Hong Kong (China)-flagged Container ship Seaspan New York was boarded at 2140 LT by three armed robbers who were spotted by duty crew. One robber attempted to stab the duty crew who avoided the stabbing. He was tied up by two other robbers on the forecastle deck. The robbers stole two portable welding machines with cables, 20 reefer cables, three bronze nozzles, and five hydrant caps before escaping in a boat with two other robbers when the alarm was raised.

13 Aug - Malta-flagged container ship CMA CGM Caimep was boarded at 0130 LT by five robbers. On being spotted by duty crew, a robber pointed the gun at him and ordered the storage room to be opened before his hands were tied at the forward centre bollard. The robbers stole 20 buckets of paint. A deck cadet in search of the missing crew member was also threatened with a knife but was able to escape.

Manila Anchorage Incidents Image: OCEANUSLive

Anchoring in Manila Bay to undertake crew change for vessels, in light of the international restrictions due to the pandemic, has highlighted a facet of the increase in boarding and threats in the area.

ReCAAP ISC has underscored their concerns about the continued occurrence of incidents and the increased level of violence at South Harbour Anchorage Area of Manila. Masters and crew are once more strongly advised to exercise vigilance, maintain constant lookout for suspicious boats and activity, and ensure reporting of all incidents are immediately made to the local authorities. ReCAAP reiterates that it is very important that the crew do not attempt to engage in any confrontation with any robbers.




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