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ReCAAP Piracy/Armed Robbery At Sea in Asia - October 2015

November 17, 2015 - 08:04:11 UTC

Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - ReCAAP ISC October 2015 Report

ReCAAP ISC has released the Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia report for October 2015. It highlights a fall in the number of incidents having taken place with no tanker hijack reported during the month. The Liberia-registered tanker, Almi Spirit, saw six knife-armed robbers escape the vessel by jumping into the sea as a patrol vessel intercepted the tanker.

In comparison to past two months, there has been an improvement in the situation of piracy and armed robbery against ship in Asia in October 2015. A total of 13 incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in October 2015 compared to 18 incidents in September 2015 and 25 incidents in August 2015. Of the 13 incidents reported in October 2015, 12 were actual incidents and one was an attempted incident. No piracy incident was reported.

From January 2015 till October 2015, a total of 174 incidents (comprising 162 actual and 12 attempted incidents) were reported, states ReCAAP. Notably, the total number of incidents reported during the first 10 months of 2015 is higher than the annual number of incidents reported in 2011, 2012 and 2013; but lower than that in 2014. However, if the average number of incidents of about 17 incidents reported per month for the period of January-October 2015 continues, the number of incidents for the en re 2015 is expected to be higher than that reported in 2014 (187).

Significance Level of Incidents 2011-2015. Courtesy of ReCAAP ISC

Tanker Hijack

No incident involving hijacking of tankers for the of oil cargo had been reported in October 2015, for a consecutive of two months in a row already. Nevertheless, the ReCAAP ISC will continue to monitor the trend closely, and there is no room for complacency.

MMEA Foils Robbery Attempt

On 15 Oct 15, about six perpetrators armed with knives boarded Liberia-registered tanker, Almi Spirit. The Engineer spo ed the perpetrators and raised the alarm. A MMEA’s patrol vessel, KM Rawa was in the vicinity and intercepted the tanker. On seeing the approaching of the MMEA vessel, the perpetrators escaped in their boat and some jumped into the sea without taking anything.

Tanker Almi Spirit Attempted Robbery. Photos Courtesy of ReCAAP ISC


Comparing to August 2015 and September 2015, the number of incidents reported in October 2015 has decreased by 48% and 28% respectively. Notably, no incident involving hijacking of tankers for the of cargo oil on board was reported in October 2015. Nevertheless, there is no room for complacency, and the ReCAAP ISC will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Download the Full Report HERE [PDF]

Source: ReCAAP ISC

Views and data presented are those of ReCAAP which does not necessarily reflect those of OCEANUSLive.

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