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Russian Sailor, Kidnapped Off Nigeria, is Freed

March 25, 2016 - 09:43:29 UTC

Russian Sailor, Kidnapped Off Nigeria, Reported Freed

A RESIDENT of Murmansk, Russia, who was captured during an attack on a ship by pirates in Nigeria on February 23 is reported to have been released. This was stated in the message of the Russian Embassy in Nigeria - also dubbed the Russian Foreign Ministry - posted on Friday, March 25, via Twitter.

Russia in Nigeria Tweet

"We express our appreciation to all who participated in the rescue of Russian sailors," said in another message.

Earlier, diplomats have repeatedly denied appearing in the media posts about the murder of the Russian sailor.

On 25 February, the Foreign Ministry had announced the release of the Russian. Later, however, this information is not confirmed.

Nigerian pirates seized the French vessel, Bourbon Liberty 251, at the end of February. The Nigerian Navy, responding to a distress call, said the ship was released, but the criminals managed to escape, taking two crew members - a Nigerian and a Russian.


BOURBON announced that the two crew members abducted on board the Bourbon Liberty 251 off the coast of Nigeria on February 23, have been released and are in good health.

This news comes as a great relief to all BOURBON employees, who share the joy of the families, states the Bourbon press release.

The number of pirate attacks on ships in the Gulf of Guinea off the Nigerian coast has increased dramatically in the past few years. The main objective of the pirates is the seizure of goods and kidnapping for ransom of crew members. In most cases, the hostages, after a certain time, are freed. As a rule, the details of their release, including the payment of a ransom, were not disclosed.

Source: Lenta RU/Bourbon

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