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ReCAAP Piracy/Armed Robbery At Sea - January 2018

February 9, 2018 - 09:22:19 UTC

ReCAAP ISC Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia - January 2018 Report

ReCAAP ISC reports total of seven incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia (comprising five actual incidents and two attempted incidents) in January 2018. Of the seven incidents, one was a piracy incident and six were armed robberies against ships.

There was no actual or attempted incident involving the abduction of crew from ships in the Sulu-Celebes Sea and waters o Eastern Sabah; and no incident involving the hijacking of ships for the of oil cargo in January 2018.

In January 2018, there were two reports of arrest of perpetrators and recovery of stolen items by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and Indian Coast Guard (ICG).


Of the seven incidents reported in January 2018, five incidents occurred on board ships while at anchor/berth, and two incidents on board ships while underway.

Incidents on board ships at anchor/berth. The five incidents occurred at Muara Berau (East Kalimantan, Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), Cam Pha (Vietnam) and the South China Sea.

Incidents on board ships while underway. The two incidents occurred on board ships while underway off Alang, Gujarat (India) and off Pulau Karimun (Straits of Malacca and Singapore).

Map1: Location of Incidents, Jan 2018 - Image: ReCAAP ISC

Map 1, Location; Ships - Image: ReCAAP ISC


There was no report of incident involving the abduction of crew from ships while underway in the Sulu-Celebes Sea in January 2018. The last actual incident reported to the ReCAAP ISC occurred on board Super Shuttle Tug 1 on 23 Mar 17; and the last attempted incident occurred on board Donã Annabel on 18 Apr 17.

As of January 2018, nine crew is still being held in captivity. The Philippine authorities continued to conduct pursuit opera ons and intensify its military opera ons to rescue the abducted crew and neutralise the militant group. The ReCAAP ISC reiterates its advisory issued via the ReCAAP ISC Incident Alert dated 21 Nov 16 to all ships to re-route from the area, where possible. Otherwise, ship masters and crew are strongly urged to exercise extra vigilance while transiting the Sulu-Celebes Sea and eastern Sabah region


Incident involving container ship, Polar Ecuador at Manila Port

On 1 Jan 18 at about 0330 hrs, container ship, Polar Ecuador was anchored in the South Harbour Anchorage Area, Manila, Philippines when seven perpetrators boarded the ship from a motorized motor banca with markings “Shyrill”.

Map 3: Location of Incident - Image: ReCAAP ISC

The master reported the incident immediately to the Manila port authorities. Upon receipt of the report, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) activated its floating asset DF 313 and conducted maritime patrol in the vicinity. The PCG team located the suspected motor banca, boarded and apprehended five perpetrators on board the banca. Two other perpetrators managed to jump into the water and swam towards an unknown direction. The PCG recovered the stolen items found on board the motor banca comprising a welding machine, breathing apparatus, extension wire and paint. The PCG took custody of the motor banca used by the perpetrators, and upon investigation discovered that it was a stolen item. The authorities have filed charges of the and robbery against the perpetrators in the court of Manila.

Incident involving tanker, Ocean 1 while underway off Alang, India

On 7 Jan 18 at about 1245 hrs, tanker, Ocean 1 towed by tug boat, ASL Scorpio was underway at approximately 11nm off Alang, Gujarat, India when three perpetrators boarded the tanker from a fishing boat. The crew immediately reported the incident to the local authorities.TheIndianCoast Guard Station Pipavav requested the Indian Marine Police to investigate the incident. On 11 Jan 18, the Marine Police reported that they arrested the perpetrators and recovered the stolen items comprising ship stores and engine spares. Investigation is ongoing.

Map 4: Location of Incident - Image; ReCAAP ISC


The situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia has improved in January 2018 compared to December 2017. A total of seven incidents were reported in January 2018 compared to 16 incidents reported in December 2017. There was no report on the abduction of crew for ransom and hijacking of ships for the of oil cargo in January 2018.

The ReCAAP ISC advocates timely and accurate reporting of all incidents to the authorities and quick response by the enforcement agencies. This was demonstrated in the incidents involving Polar Ecuador and Ocean 1, which led to the arrest of the perpetrators and recovery of the stolen items.

Download full report HERE

Source: ReCAAP ISC


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