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ReCAAP Piracy/Armed Robbery At Sea in Asia - Apr 2015

May 16, 2015 - 18:37:51 UTC

Piracy & Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia

ReCAAP ISC has issued its April 2015 report stating that 17 incidents took place with an increase on incidents over the same period 2011 to 2014.ReCAAP April Report Cover

Of the 17 incidents reported in April 2015, two were piracy incidents, 14 were armed robbery against ships and one was an attempted incident. The two piracy incidents occurred in the South China Sea; one was a Category 1 case involving the siphoning of ship fuel from Dongfang Glory on 1 Apr 15, and the other was a petty theft incident onboard a bulk carrier while underway in the South China Sea. Of the 14 robberies onboard ships, 10 occurred while the ships were underway in the SOMS, and four onboard ships while anchored/berthed at ports and anchorages in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Severity of Incidents

Of the 17 incidents, 13 (76%) were petty theft; most of which occurred onboard vessels while underway in the SOMS. Of concern was the continued occurrence of siphoning of ship fuel/oil incident which has been a Category 1 (very severe) case. There was one Category 2 armed robbery incident occurred onboard a bulk carrier underway in the Singapore Straits involving four perpetrators armed with long knives, tied up the oiler in the engine room while they took away the engine spares. The other incidents (Category 3 and petty theft) occurred onboard vessels in the Singapore Straits and at ports and anchorages in Vung Tau, Vietnam; Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysia; and off Pulau Bintan, Indonesia.

Significance Level of Incidents, April 2011-2015 Courtesy of ReCAAP ISC

Incident of Siphoning of Ship Fuel/Oil Continues

On 1 Apr 15, 25 perpetrators armed with pistols boarded product tanker, Dongfang Glory and reportedly siphoned the ship fuel, stole the crew’s personal belongings, and damaged the communication equipment before they escaped. This was the fifth incident of siphoning reported in this region since January 2015.


Incidents of siphoning of fuel/oil continue to occur in April 2015, and remains a key concern to the ReCAAP ISC and shipping industry. Early detection is essential in prevention of boarding. Ship masters and crew are advised to deploy extra security watches whenever possible and report any suspicious vessels to the nearest coastal states. The authorities are urged to step up surveillance efforts and response immediately to all reports. The ReCAAP ISC will continue to provide updates of the situation via its periodical reports and incident alerts to the shipping industry; and enhance cooperation with other stakeholders, such as the INTERPOL leveraging on its expertise in organised crime through its extensive network. The ReCAAP ISC is mindful about the situation in SOMS, where perpetrators boarded ships while underway in the Singapore Straits during hours of darkness. Littoral States are strongly urged to increase presence and surveillance in their respective areas to deter perpetrators from committing such acts. Raising alarm and mustering of crew are effective in compelling the perpetrators to escape immediately as evidenced in the incidents reported.

Asia Incidents April. Courtesy of ReCAAP ISC

Read ReCAAP ISC Full Report - All images courtesy of ReCAAP ISC

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