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News: Dutch Marines Repel Pirates

January 20, 2012 - 23:37:10 UTC

Dutch Marines Hit Back Against Pirates Attack

Original source:Netherlands Ministry of Defense 17 Jan 2012

The Dutch military security team aboard the fall pipe rock dumping vessel Flintstone in the Arabian Sea repulsed a pirate attack. With focused fire, the marines stood up to the immediate threat of a grenade launcher.

The pirates approached the ship, operated by Tideway, around 1800 on January 17, using a fishing boat, or dhow as a mothership. The threat from this suspect dhow was quickly identified, and the marines on the vessel kept a close watch. Aboard the Flintstone, the alarm was sounded and the crew were mustered in the citadel, a secure area of the ship. Meanwhile, the dhow had launched a skiff into the water, which approached at high speed.


In order to deter the six pirates in the boat fast, the Marines used flares as a warning, in vain. The marines observed several weapons, including rocket propelled grenade (RPG). Shortly afterwards, the RPG was trained on the ship.

This direct threat brought the marines of the Vessel Protection Detachment (VPD) to return directed shots which beat off the attack and turned the skiff back to the mothership. It is possible that the action resulted in casualties among the pirates.

Vulnerable and high risk

Ships in the area were warned of the presence of the pirates by the Marines. The Flintstone then continued on its way towards the Suez Canal, en route from Singapore to Malta. The fall pipe rock dumping vessel offshore contractor, Tideway, is used in the oil and gas industry for pipelines and cables to be protected by blocks of stone.

Vulnerable sea transport and large vessels use Dutch military protection against pirates in high risk areas. The Dutch Defense Ministry sends military security teams following request by a company. These consist of VPD's with heavily armed marines.


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